Water Bottle ,XLJ Non Breakable BPA Free Best Glass Water Bottle with Tea Infuser Water Bottle 8.5oz/10oz FD-215&216 (8.5oz)

The XLJ Leak-proof Water Bottle is designed for personal use, and is perfect to use at home, at work or on the beach. Holding the cups, it’s the perfect size to keep you hydrated without refilling throughout the day, or for a quick trip to the beach, pool or park.
The Water Bottle has 8.5oz/10oz capacit.
Certificate of product testing:SMQ
Material:double deck glass + transparent cover + food-grade silicone seal
Size:6 inch High x 2.6 inch Diameter of 8.5oz capacit;7.2 inch High x 2.6 inch Diameter of 10oz capacit
Net weight:0.74 pounds of 8.5oz capacit;0.84 pounds of 10oz capacit

Product Features

  • This product uses the high borosilicate heat-resistant glass, environmental protection and more security.
  • Material: double deck glass + transparent cover + food-grade silicone seal.
  • It compared with the traditional double deck glass, this product has more added bubble can filter material of the stainless steel mesh, glass bottle and stainless steel mesh, more in line with the modern concept of the pursuit of environmental protection and health.
  • It compared with ordinary glass, the product of the bottom of the cup and thicken the base, improved the defects of conventional ground slants thin skid.
  • We use great food grade 304 stainless steel mesh, achieve perfect separation of tea.

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