VonShef 1.7L Variable Temperature Control Cordless Electric Kettle – Stainless Steel

Prepare hot drinks to perfection at the touch of a button with the innovative VonShef Variable Temperature Kettle.

For teas to reach full flavour and aroma potential, they need to be steeped at just the right temperature – which is where the VonShef Kettle comes in.

Whether you prefer tea of the green, white, black, oolong or fruit variety, or a tasty cup of coffee, this kettle has it covered. Equipped with six pre-set temperatures to make every brew a truly tasty one; the kettle can be set to:

40°C for delicate teas

60°C for green tea

70°C for white tea

80°C for oolong tea

90°C for French press coffee

100°C for black tea and any other hot drinks or snacks

The kettle also comes with a handy ‘keep warm’ option, which maintains the water temperature for up to 30 minutes.

Cordless design with 1.7 litre capacity, 360° swivel base, super-fast heat up, anti-drip spout and indicator and temperature lights.

Clear water level gauge with measure markings lets you keep an eye on how full the kettle is, so you can boil as little or as much water as you need. Re-filling is easy, thanks to a smooth lid release button.

Boil dry protection feature automatically shuts the kettle off if water level is too low.

Comes with a concealed heating element to prevent lime scale build up and a removable, washable filter for cleaner, tastier water.

Contemporary brushed stainless steel body.

Power: 1850-2200W

Size: 23.5 x 15.8 x 25 cm

Product Features

  • Prepare teas and coffees at just the right temperature – comes with 6 settings from 40 – 100°C. Great for delicate, green, black, white and oolong teas & French press coffee
  • 1850-2200W heat up. Keep warm option maintains water temperature for up to 30 minutes
  • Cordless with 1.7 litre capacity jug, clear water level gauge & 360° swivel base
  • Features boil dry protection, concealed heating element & removable washable filter
  • Stylish brushed stainless steel body

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2 Responses to VonShef 1.7L Variable Temperature Control Cordless Electric Kettle – Stainless Steel

  1. The Person says:

    Variable temperature is very useful. I am really liking this kettle. The variable temperature is extremely useful. I often drink Yerba which is supposed to be brewed at 70-80C. What I was doing until now is to boil water and then wait for it to cool down. No more. Here I can set the temperature and it will get the water up to the right temperature. This approach not only saves time but also energy that would otherwise be wasted.Another cool feature is the “Keep…

  2. Karen P. says:

    so far so good Not had much luck with kettles recently so when my last one went kerput i decided to by a variable temperature kettle, all the reviews even on the expensive ones seemed to have issues, the Von Shef had no reviews but at £25 I thought I’d give it a try, it won’t win any prizes for stylish design but so far so good, water heated to 90 was perfect for coffee and at 80 for my earl grey. Hopefuly it will last longer than the previous 3 kettles.It was also delivered 3 days sooner than expected,…

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