Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners [DVD]

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3 Responses to Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners [DVD]

  1. Laura Burgess says:

    Brilliant workout

  2. M G says:

    Fantastic DVD Firstly I need to admit that I bought jillian Michaels Kettle (JM) bell DVD followed by Raise some Bell (RSB) and finally Kettle bell for Beginners (KFB)So I think this’ll be somewhat of a comparison review .Also I have done Kettle bells since before they were huge in the uk, I always wanted a DVD and having recently decided to dust off my 16kg bell, a DVD seemed the best alternative to a class or on my own doing repetitive drills.Let me first off say of all three this…

  3. J. Sanders says:

    “No Paul, I’m NOT doing Lunges” I bought this for my girlfriend after she read an article about a Weight Watchers member who toned up using Kettlebells after losing a lot of weight. My GF is a big Jillian Michaels fan (30 Day Shred) and after buying a set of ‘bells, she initially worked out to the Shred It With Weights workout on YouTube.However my GF wanted a workout that was 100% Kettlebell and after reading a lot of reviews, she decided on this one. She has used it a few times a week since mid June and is still…

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