TOYO HOFU Clear Glass Heat Resistant Teapot with Infuser,Induction Cooker Kettle Press Pot,800ml

* 800 ml Capacity
* Made of high borosilicate glass materal,heat resistance,transparent glass,has elegant and stylish looking,dishwasher safe
* with Removable stainless steel infuser,easy to clean,you can put the lid back on the pot after taking out the infuser
* Suitable for all types of tea brewing,suitable for all hob types
* Bearing temperature: Minus 20 degree Celsius-150 degree Celsius
* The teapot is widely used in the hotel,teahouse,restaurant and other places,an essential goods in your life,it is a perfect companion in the morning,afternoon,and in the evening
* A transparent glass teapot to show off the beautiful color of your tea,you can see the boiling tea directly,also an excellent vessel to display the blossoming of art tea when the infuser is removed,very interesting

Package included:1 x Clear Glass Teapot with Infuser

Product Features

  • Material:high borosilicate glass,heat resistance,Clear glass make the teapot contemporary, stylish
  • Capacity:800 ml,Serves one or two cups! Measures:18 x 12.5 x 13 cm, Tea spout diameter:8 cm, bottom of the pot of diameter:12.5 cm
  • With Split type removable stainless steel infuser, easy to clean and pour,the lid can still cover the pot tightly after the infuser removed; also makes brewing loose leaf teas as easy as using a teabag,you can remove the strainer if you don’t want your tea leaf be soaked for too long.
  • Bottom is made of the quality 304# stainless steel,safe to human body and not easy to be rusty,suitable for ALL hob types include induction cooker,gas stove,alcohol furnace and teapot warmer
  • A great tea pot for loose tea lover,perfect for all kinds of infusions (camomile, leaf tea, mint tea, herbal teas, flower tea…),enjoy it alone or with your friend,like going out for afternoon tea!

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3 Responses to TOYO HOFU Clear Glass Heat Resistant Teapot with Infuser,Induction Cooker Kettle Press Pot,800ml

  1. hfffoman says:

    Excellent design I chose this because, after checking well over a hundred teapots on Amazon, it doesn’t have the design flaws which most teaposts suffer from. Here is a list of the points:Does it pour without spilling?YES, it pours perfectly. It is actually impossible to get it to spill while pouring.Can you replace the lid after removing the infuser?YES (many teapots don’t allow this – a ridiculous design flaw)Is the tea untainted?YES, glass is ideal for…

  2. Quazzi says:

    Lovely teapot This item arrived securely packaged in Amazon’s standard cardboard packaging to avoid any damage during shipment. The item arrived on time as expected. I love this teapot. I use it everyday and have had no problems with it yet. The little infuser cup that sits inside the glass teapot, it’s also so easy to clean – far easier than any teapot I have ever used before for my loose tea and much easier than those meshy-metal tea balls. I hated cleaning those. I find it’s making me drink tea more…

  3. Venetia says:

    Excellent quality. You can keep your tea warm on the hob. Highly recommended! Please see the attached photographs to see the quality of this product. I have tried my best to take every angle and detail for your convenience.The teapot with stainless steel infuser was delivered in a timely manner. It was very well packaged in thick bubble wrap and its own sturdy branded cardboard box which was attractively designed to protect it from damage during shipping.Inside the box the teapot was wrapped in bubble sleeve to ensure that the teapot is in…

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