Theo Klein 9174 Casa Mia – Whistling Kettle

The steam whistle that indicates that the water has reached boiling point.

1 x Steam Whistle Kettle

Product Features

  • 18 cm x 13,75 cm x 15.5 cm

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One Response to Theo Klein 9174 Casa Mia – Whistling Kettle

  1. Nadia O. says:

    Don’t buy this it is a complete waste of money – despite its name it does not make a sound Do NOT buy this kettle. I am a regular to Amazon and frequently buy items from this site. I have never been disappointed until now. I ordered this kettle as I was looking for a toy kettle that whistled when it boiled as my little one loves to imitate making a cup of tea. Despite its name this tea pot does not make any sound and is just a very expensive plastic tea pot. When you add the cost of the postage this plastic kettle is more expensive than a real kettle. This is a COMPLETE WASTE OF…

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