Stainless Steel Electric Kettle, Habor Fast Boiling Eletric Tea Kettles, Auto Shutoff, Double Wall, Boil Dry Protection, Blue LED Illumination, Cordless, 1.8 Liter

Your Wise Choice
The stainless steel electric kettle must be a wise choice for you because it is faster and safer as it can boil up max 1.8 liter water in 8 minutes and automatically shut off after water boiling. You can make different kinds of beverage like tea, coffee or hot chocolate not only for breakfast but also for afternoon tea or anytime you want.

Great Experience
Its safe functions and premium material bring great experience for you. The 360°rotational glass body is perfect for precise measurement. The anti-slip and stay-cool handle with big holding space allows you to hold the kettle tightly as well as prevents scald. It is also equipped with boil-dry protection and auto shutoff function. The 304 food grade stainless steel is not easy to get rusty and preserve the natural flavor, preventing taste contamination.

Delightful Decoration
The elegant appearance with delightful blue LED light up when heating water decorates your home or your office. You can enjoy pleasure when serving your family or your guests.

Material: 304 stainless steel
Net Weight: 38.8oz
Package Dimensions (inches): 7.48L×7.48W×10.20H
Capacity: MAX-1.8L, MIN-0.6L

1.To clean the kettle effectively and prolong the service life, please pour 0.5L vinegar into the kettle and leave the vinegar react with the scale for more than 1 hour.
2.Do not immerse the kettle, power cable, power plug or power base into water or other liquids for Electrical Safety
3.Please don’t exceed the max capacity 1.8L when adding water into the kettle.

Every product provides a 45-day money back guarantee and 18-month warranty.

Product Features

  • 【Stainless Steel Components】The whole kettle is consist of the kettle body including the seamless interior, the lid and the spout, which are made of 304 food grade stainless steel, not easy to get rusty, safe to boiling water
  • 【Anti-Scalding Design】Kettle body with double wall including cool-touch exterior and stainless steel interior, anti-slip and stay-cool handle with big holding space ensure safe use, one button switch prevents scald by hot steam when opening the lid
  • 【Safe Functions】Premium thermostat provides auto shutoff and boil-dry protection, leakproof glass spout avoids leaking when pouring water and splashing when boiling water
  • 【Large Capacity & Fast Boiling】Max 1.8 liter kettle for multiple drinking needs, 8-minute heating time saves your time as well as save the power effectively
  • 【LED Illumination】A vertical soft LED light will be bright when heating water and automatically turn off as the water boils

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European-style personality retro iron water pipe wall lamp wine rack wine cup holder wine cup holder decorated living room / hotel / restaurant / kitchen / bedroom / study 58 * 25 * 60CM

Name: Water pipe lamp Wine rack

Color: Picture color

Appearance: Other

Material: iron

Size: 58 * 25 * 60CM (L * W * H)

Process: paint, grinding, cutting, welding and so on

Category: Decoration Decoration

Capacity: 1 bottle of wine

Quantity: 1

Light source type: E27 * 1 (not including bulb)

Style: personalized fashion retro

Function: Place wine / ornament

Applicable space: living room / restaurant / hotel / wine cellar / study / bedroom / wine cabinet

Note: Wines are not included in the sale list, just sell the wine rack.

Whether as a home furnishings or placed red wine, give a special beauty, precipitation good memories.

Easy to operate, simple installation.

Configure the expansion screw and steel screws, choose a good installation location, hand drill hole will be affixed to the wall into the expansion of the flange screws, and then tighten the steel screws can be.

Warm Tip: Due to the special nature of the installation of the wall lamp, the installation of the line most of the dark line, so the wine rack of the wall lamp does not deserve fine-tuning switch, the customer back to their own installation environment according to their own wiring or switch, inside has been arranged, In the flange, directly pull out the wiring on it.

Thank you for visiting and enjoying your shopping!

Product Features

  • Metal material, preferably fine pipe, full weight.
  • Spray high temperature paint process, do not evaporate, do not drop paint.
  • Artificial retro to do the old process, the line rough mad.
  • Using the international common E27 spiral mouth, applicable to various models of light source.
  • Metal texture reveals a solemn atmosphere, with lights, take you to experience the unruly free decorative style.

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Kettle Dry Wipe Whiteboard Kitchen Fridge Memo Board Wall Sticker

This Kettle whiteboard is perfect for use in your home! Whether in the kitchen, or elsewhere, it makes a a great memo board for your to-do or shopping list. Simply stick it on the wall, fridge or practically any flat surface and scribble away.

Available in 2 sizes.

Large: 650 x 601 mm
Regular: 433 x 400 mm

Product Features

  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Large – 65cm x 60.1cm
  • Regular – 43.3cm x 40cm
  • Simple, clean, and cool! Quick and easy to apply: Just Peel and Stick
  • Works on any smooth, clean & dry surface: walls, furniture, accessories, tiles, mirrors, windows etc

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Meelio French Press Coffee Maker,Double Wall 18/8 Stainless Steel Heat Resistant Tea or Cafetiere Kettle(1 Liter,34OZ) Gift Set With Coffee Measuring Spoon & Two Filter Screens,with Calibration

The Meelio presshelps you make a clean cup of coffee, with all of the delicate flavors and aromas that fully express your coffee. You will taste the coffee, and not the grounds. And the cup you drink tomorrow is as good as the cup you drink today. The Meelio Press is a full immersion brewer: the coffee and water are mixed in the vacuum insulated brewer, which maintains temperature and gives you a precise flavor extraction. The unique stainless steel double micro-filter removes the grinds AND allows the aromatic and flavorful oils through. You get flavorful coffee with great body, that doesn¡¯t continue extracting in your cup. It is robust enough for home, coffee shop and restaurant use.

The French press coffee maker is easy to maintain as it can be cleaned in a dishwasher after every use.It is BPA-, PFOA-, and PTFE-free, which makes it eco-friendly and a great choice to own.

This French Press is much more durable than the ones with the glass carafe. The glass can break due to thermal shock, or if you drop it against the counter. This will never happen with steel. It’s very easy to clean and is entirely dishwasher safe.

– The best stainless steel(18/10)interior and exterior–Won’t rust and dishwasher safe. – The first Double Screens System—No more GROUNDS in your coffee

– Solid Packing–No broken gifts to your family members and friends.

Product Details
Product Size: 180*105*210mm
Product weight: 677g
Material: 18/8 Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Product Type: French presses
Color: Glossy
Rust Resistant: Yes
Brewing Time: 4 Minutes
Eco-Friendly: Yes

The package included:
1*French Press Coffee Maker
1*Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon
2*Extra Filter Screens for Replacement

Product Features

  • 【Outstanding Double Wall French Press Manufacturing Technology】–bad welding process will be cause spout and inside perforation, the other substances penetrate inner and outer will effect the french press lifetime and appearance,but we use special technology welding,all product through twenty minutes and 100 °C baked dry leak test to protect our product will more durable and more beautiful
  • 【Super French Press create your favorite flavor】–34OZ,Brews 1 liter(8 coffee cup or about 4 coffee mugs,interior and exterior made by the best 18/10 stainless steel
  • 【Keep Coffee Warmer Longer】NON-DRIP SPOUT. Pouring is impeccable. Rotatable double skin lid also prevents heat loss. The indoor temperature of 21°C, poured into the 96°C hot water, placed two hours, the pot of water also maintained above 60°C
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN AND KEEP COOL TOUCH】The Meelio French coffee press make it simple after using the Caffeinated. Double Wall cafetiere can keep coffee or tea warm longer. Cool touch handle and knob makes it safer to pouring.
  • 【Protect your investment:】Choosing the Meelio french press means protect your investment!Because we care about our customer experience ,if there

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BESTEK Vacuum Insulated Flask Double Wall Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe Beverages Jug Coffee and Tea Carafes – 1.5 Litre

BESTEK vacuum-insulated coffee carafe for Hot and Cold Drinks

  • Made of double wall stainless steel, BESTEK stainless carafe is very impressed in locking temperature.
  • Serve your hot coffee, water, Juice, tea, and cold drinks for all day long, withstand the demands of everyday use.
  • Electrolysis process interior and brushed stainless steel exterior, body stays cool to the touch with hot liquids,
  • Perfect for home & office & outdoor and restaurant use.
  • Reasonable price, experience our high quality vacuum carafe with much less money.
  • Easy to fill, pour and clean.

    Good to Know:

  • Please press the top button to pour, otherwise it never works.
  • Considering safety, we never suggest one-handing pouring a whole pot of coffee.
  • Clockwise close the lid tightly and counterclockwise rotating open the lid.
  • Do not filled a full pot of coffee or tea, only filled to 4/5 coffee to leave enough space for reducing the pressure of lid.


  • Capacity: 1.5L
  • Weight: 50 ounce
  • Material: 18/8 stainless steel
  • Height: 9.4 inch
  • Bottom diameter: 5.5 inch
  • Black opening: PP material


  • BESTEK coffee carafes thermal is backed by 18 month warranty, friendly and easy to reach support.

    Product Features

    • Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulation: Made from durable 18/8 stainless steel, locking in temperature to keep beverages’ temperature for 24 hours.
    • Thermal Carafe: Keep your coffee, water, milk, juice and tea warm all day, 1.5L capacity meet every day use.
    • Open leaf-proof top by a push button, easy to one-handed pouring drinks, ideal for home & office & outdoor and restaurant use.
    • Large mouth opening, makes filling, pouring and cleaning easy.
    • Insulated carafe keep you drinks cold for longer time via adding a few ice cubes.

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  • Aliciashouse 3D Stream Floor Decor Wall Sticker Removable Mural Decals Vinyl Art Home Decoration

    3D Stream Floor Decor Wall Sticker Removable Mural Decals Vinyl Art Home Decoration
    Pattern: Stream
    Effect size: 50x70cm
    Sticker size: 66x84cm
    Material: Vinyl
    Package Included:
    1x Floor/Wall Sticker

    Product Features

    • Pattern:Stream
    • Effect size:50x70cm
    • Sticker size:66x84cm
    • Material:Vinyl
    • 3D Stream Floor Decor Wall Sticker Removable Mural Decals Vinyl Art Home Decoration

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    Bluelover 45x500cm Kitchen Waterproof Mosaic Wall Sticker Aluminum Foil Self Adhesive Anti Oil Wallpaper Coffee

    Mosaic kitchen wall stickers are ideal for sticking in kithchen,which is waterproof,anti-oil and smoke-proof,easy and convenient to clean it.
    Self-adhesive and high temperature resistance,it can be stick to the wall to keep your wall clean,and it is also a well decoration.

    Colour:Coffee,grey,blue,green,four-leaf clover.
    Material:Waterproof and eco-friendly aluminum foil.
    Way of method:Self-adhesive,no glue required.
    Size:45×500 cm.

    Package included:
    1 x Kitchen Waterproof Mosaic Wall Sticker

    Product Features

    • It is sold by Bluelover
    • Colour: Coffee, grey, blue, green,four-leaf clover
    • Material: Waterproof and eco-friendly aluminum foil
    • Way of method: Self-adhesive, no glue required
    • Size: 45×500 cm

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    Aicok Electric Kettle Stainless Steel Double Wall Cool Touch Cordless Water Kettle, 1.7-Liter Electric Tea Kettle, Red

    Aicok Electric Kettle can make hot water quickly. In 2-5 minutes, you’ll be enjoying your favorite tea or instant coffee. Aicok is not just a slogan, but also a service symbol. We promise to extend warranties to 2 Years.


    Rated Voltage: 120V, 60Hz
    Rated Power: 1500W
    Capacity: Maximum 1.7 Liter / 1.8-Quart
    Product Size: 8.27*5.12*9.84 inches
    Product Net weight: 2.18 LB (987g)


    Someone complain about discoloration and metal flakes. Neither are true if you clean your pot on a regular basis. The metal will not flake, what they are seeing is a bacterial build up that then flakes away. It is rust colored so is often mistaken for rust. Too many people assume that water containers never need to be cleaned because they use water to clean things. Water is the solvent, not the detergent or germ killing agent. All life needs water, life can and will start in water.

    Safety Feature

    Our electric kettle is provided with automatic shut off function upon boiling, but the kettle need to wait a few seconds when boiling, then it will automatic shut off. You don’t need to worry about it.

    Most of us have put a kettle on the stove, forgotten and returned later to a hot, bone-dry pot. Luckily an automatic shutoff function turns off the electric kettle when the water has boiled. This feature keeps your water waiting for you and your kettle from boiling dry. If the water run out, the boil-dry protection will also turn it off.


    You can use Vinegar, Cola or Lemon Juice to clear up kettle, just fill the pot with a 2-to-1 solution of vinegar or lemon juice and water, or pour in cola straight from a bottle or can, leave the pot overnight and rinse it in the morning. Remove any discoloration that remains with a paper towel.

    Product Features

    • ✔ Full Stainless Steel – Highest grade 304 food grade stainless steel, 100% stainless steel interior, filter, lid, spout, and rim. FDA certification.
    • ✔ BPA-Free Cool Touch Exterior – No Scalding Hazard; Saves Energy, Safe to Use, Keeps Warm Longer.
    • ✔ British Strix control inside – Outlast other water kettle.
    • ✔ 1.7-Liter / 1.8-Quart Large Capacity – 1850-2200W Heating Power Boils Water Quicker.
    • ✔ 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty – Easy to Use, Lower Noise, UL Approved product.

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    Coffee Tea Thermal Carafe Kettle Set by Chefcoo™ Includes Pitcher, 4 Cups (4 oz.) Saucers and Spoons – Double Wall for Hot and Cold Beverages – Holds Temperature for Longer – Red & Silver Color

    Sip Your Morning Coffee In Absolute Style with the Most Elegant, Stainless Steel Coffee Set by Chefcoo!

    Are you looking for a premium quality, thermal coffee carafe that will preserve the freshness and flavor of your coffee for hours?

    Then look no more because Chefcoo Thermal Carafe and coffee cups set is here for your rescue!

    Boasting a double wall, thermal insulated body, made of premium grade stainless steel interior and exterior, this beautiful coffee kettle will keep your beverages hot for up to 12 hours or cold for 24 hours.

    Accompanied by a set of 4 elegant, stainless steel coffee cups, this is coffee set is uniquely styled to make a statement in the living room or board room.

    Not All Coffee Sets Are Created Equal – Make Sure You Choose the Best with a Premium Quality Set That Will Last!

    Designed to withstand rugged use, this high quality coffee kettle is great for everyday use with hot or cold beverages and promises to outlast all your old ones.

    With an eye-catching, bright red and silver color combination that will impress all your guests, this exclusive coffee set will instantly enhance your kitchen or office.

    Enjoy Your Aromatic Cup of Coffee, Spill-Free!

    This thermal coffee carafe features a large mouth opening, which makes it easy to fill and clean, while the convenient, press-button design, allows for comfortable pouring, without the fear of spillages.

    It also works great as a coffee dispenser, milk carafe or tea thermos.

    Order Your Complete Coffee Set Today and Upgrade Your Drinking Experience!

    Click “Add to Cart” Now, While Supplies last!

    Product Features

    • ENJOY A FINE CUP OF COFFEE ON THE GO: Compact, sleek and efficient, this elegant coffee carafe boasts a double wall, thermal insulated stainless steel body that will keep your heavenly aromatic coffee or relaxing tea, superbly fresh and hot for up to 24 hours. Accompanied by 4 stylish cups, this luxurious set is a must have for every kitchen or those who are on the go.
    • SIP YOUR COFFEE IN STYLE: With an exclusive, smooth silver look, this beautiful stainless steel coffee set is ideal for home or office use and perfect for coffee lovers, who want to enjoy their morning or afternoon beverage in unparalleled style. Refrigerator and dishwasher safe.
    • EASY TO USE AT THE PUSH OF A BUTTON: This gorgeous, thermal insulated coffee kettle features a press-button opening mechanism and a precision spout that allows you to pour your coffee single handed, without spilling accidents. The thoughtfully designed lid seals the carafe back in place, so that your beverages maintain the desired temperature for longer.
    • INVEST IN QUALITY THAT SHINES: Made of premium stainless steel, this durable, rustproof coffee set promises to go without a hitch for a long time. Comfortable to use and easy to carry, this coffee set is highly portable: Place it on the table for quick serving or take it with you on the boat or patio for delicious, freshly brewed coffee.
    • MAKE AN EXQUISITE GIFT: Are you looking for an elegant gift for the coffee lovers in your life? Then look no further than this complete coffee set. Combining advanced functionality with unique style, this is a coffee set that won’t let you down.

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