Lakeland 1.7 Litre See Through Glass Kettle Neon Blue Lights 2.2kW

Don’t just wait for the kettle to boil – with this elegant addition to our range you can actually watch it at work. Lighting up a fabulous neon blue as it boils, it’s perfect for creating the wow factor in your kitchen.

Made from high strength borosilicate glass with a stainless steel finish, it has a flip-top lid so is easy to fill, and a water level gauge so you can see exactly how much you need to boil. With a concealed element and a removable, washable filter.

1.7 litre. Flex 70cm. 2.2kW.

Product Features

  • Transparent glass kettle
  • Lights up blue when heating
  • Easy to fill with flip-top lid
  • Concealed element and washable limescale filter
  • 360° base

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