Rosepoem Auntwhale 3L Stainless Steel Beep Whistling Lightweight Kettle Teapot Camping Fishing Hiking Outdoor Supply gift -1Pc

Lightweight, portable, easy and safe to use
Whistling feature will let you know when the water is hot
Suitable for home or outdoor use, like camping, travel,etc.

Color: Red, blue, black (optional)
Material: Stainless steel
Application scope: Universal
Characteristics: With whistling sound
Capacity: 3L
Product size: 20*20*12cm

Package list:
1 x Kettle

Product Features

  • Lightweight, portable, easy and safe to use.
  • Suitable for home or outdoor use, like camping, travel,etc.
  • AMAZING PRODUCE:This is a 100% brand new and high quality kettle.
  • Whistling feature will let you know when the water is hot.
  • Capacity: 3L

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RoyPow 12V Power Supply Adaptor AC 230V to DC 12V Transformers for Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Electronics Power Converter Charger

RoyPow C75’s Advantages

Home Must-have for Car Electronics
With conversion of 12V DC power from 100V~240V AC household current, this power adapter is the ideal must-have converter to power almost of the automotive electronic devices. (No more than 90W. e.g. Roypow air compressor I80, car tire inflator, car diffuser, car oxygen bar, automotive refrigerator, car cleaner, automotive razor and vehicle power amplifier etc.); It brings so much convenience to car users.
So, why not just take this gadget and feel free to power your automotive electronic devices at home.

Safety Guaranty:
a.Overload Protection: Once the load exceeds the Maximum 90W, the power adapter would stop working; and just remove the overload external device, the power adapter will return to normal again.
b. Over-voltage & Low-voltage Protection: As the regular working voltage is 100~240V AC, it allows to be directly powered by the AC household current nearly all over the world.
c. Short-circuit Protection: With the automatic short-circuit detection, once short-circuit happens, the power adapter would stop working to protect the external device from damage.
d. For indoor use only: to extend its life, we suggest indoors use only, protects it from strong sunlight and damp.

Global Famous Warranty
At Roypow, we believe in our products. Therefore, we back them all with an 18-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach free Lifetime Technical Support also.

Input Voltage: 100V~240V AC
Output Voltage: 12V DC
Rated Output Current: 6.5A (MAX 8A)
Rated Power: 75W (Max 90W)
Dimension: 14.7*6.2*4.7cm
Power cord length: 1.2M
Net Weight: 300g

Product Features

  • Used to convert any 100V~240V AC household current to 12V DC power; The unique female cigar lighter socket is beneficial to allow many vehicle electronics to be used at home or in other environments.
  • 90W max power (rated power 75W) is available to power most of the 12 Voltage common vehicle electronics, such as air compressor, car charger, portable cooler/warmers, car tire inflator, car diffuser, car oxygen bar, automotive refrigerator, car cleaner, automotive razor, vehicle power amplifier and other 12V DC appliances whose power is no more than 90W.
  • Built-in cigarette lighter socket design make it easy to plug in.
  • Exclusive multi-protection circuit system protects the personal and property from any potential damage hazard.
  • Compact and portable, easy to carry and store.

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KETTLE DESCALER and LIMESCALE Remover Powder – All Purpose – KETTLES – COFFEE MACHINES – IRONS – STERILISERS – etc – Faster , More Powerful and More Economical Than Citric Acid Tablets – 600 Grams – 1-2 YEARS SUPPLY ! – Free P&P

What is CalSolve?

CalSolve is a VERY POWERFUL and FAST ACTING Descaling Powder. It is HIGHLY SOLUBLE and incredibly simple to use. Detailed instructions are present on the product, but the principle is simple – dissolve powder into hot water and watch limescale dissolve away..!

What is It Used For?

..CalSolve is suitable for descaling most household and commercial appliances that generate limescale e.g. kettles, coffee makers, irons etc. – except those with galvanised surfaces or enamel appliances.

Not only is it MUCH more powerful than descaling tablets, it comes in a volume to last 1-2 years, even used on a WEEKLY or FORTNIGHTLY basis!

Why Is It Better Than Descaling Tablets?

For 2 reasons..

…1)..Each dose is more powerful than most if not ALL descaling tablets – not based on mild citric acid

…2)..This product contains up to 50 separate doses, compared to descaling tablets, which usually come as 4-6 doses!

Why Remove Limescale?

Removing limescale is important as it renders your electrical appliances much more efficient by improving their performance and lifetime.

Product Features

  • ✓ UNBEATABLE FOR COST – BANISH LIMESCALE FOREVER – 1 – 2 YEARS SUPPLY of weekly or fortnightly use!
  • ✓ FAST ACTION – DISSOLVES limescale with Ease – not Citric Acid Based!
  • ✓ NO NEED FOR REPEAT BUY – 600 grams can last for years!
  • ✓ SIMPLE TO USE – just add hot water! All Details on label

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