Storm Kettle

Storm F4 Original Aluminium Kettle-1500ml (4 Mug)

The F4 is our largest and probably best known kettle. The kettle holds 1.5ltr of water 2.5 pints. Fill the kettle with water. Light a small fire in the base of the Storm Kettle you can use a sheet of newspaper to start it followed by small twigs or cones. Put the kettle on to the base more fuel can be added through the top when necessary.

The water in the double skin surrounding the chimney boils quickly as heat from the fire passes up the centre.Once the kettle has boiled use the handle and the chain from the cork to help you pour the water safely. Supplied with storage bag.

Product Features

  • Boils water in the wettest and windiest of weather
  • Rapid and safe
  • Environmentally friendly – only uses a sheet of newspaper and a handful of twigs
  • No need for gas or other artificial fuel
  • Simple to use. Supplied with Carry Bag.

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