Klarstein Aquavita Electric Kettle • 1.5 Litres • 2200W • Cordless with a Classic Design • Analog Thermometer • Cool-Touch Handle • Overheating Protection • Temperature Indicator • Base Station with Cord Storage • Stainless Steel • Cream

The Klarstein Aqua Vita is an affable kettle, which competes with a lot of charm tothe
preparation of hot water for tea, similar infusions and hot dishes.

The Klarstein Aquavita is a stylish and affordable kettle which will add a touch
ofclass to your kitchen and brighten up your tea making.

With 2200wpower it brings water to the boil quite quickly and the built-in
thermometerwill bring a new meaning to the saying a watched pot never boils as you
can seethe temperature rise before your eyes.

The realcharm of this cordless kettle is the classic design mixed with modern

Top Features:

• Cordlesswith a classic design
• 2200W power
• 1.5 liters
• Analogthermometer
• Cool-touchhandle


• Stainlesssteel
• Spoutfilter
• Overheatingprotection
• TemperatureIndicator
• Basestation with cord storage
• Powersupply: 230V, 50Hz


• 1 x kettle
• 1 x powerbase


• 20 x 23 cm(ØxH)
• Weight: approx1 kg

Product Features

  • WIRELESS AND QUIET: The Klarstein Aquavita has a volume of 1.5 litres and features a 360 ° turnable plug-in connection. Since the electric kettle is wireless, it can be transported easily. It is not only comfortable in use but also very quiet.
  • SUPER FAST HEATING: The tea maker in an elegant stainless steel housing has a keep-warm function. Thanks to its 2200 watts of power, the electric kettle is turbocharged – the boiling point for refreshing hot beverages can be reached in a very short time.
  • COMFORTABLE AND SAFE: In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, the kettle has a cool touch handle, which protects against possible burns. The additional dry boil and overheating protection makes the kettle a safe companion in every kitchen.
  • HIGH CAPACITY – UP TO 5 CUPS OF TEA: The Klarstein Aquavita is a practical electric kettle that not only supplies enough water for one person, but also supplies medium-sized households, offices or camping trips outdoors with hot water for beverages.
  • EYE-CATCHER IN EVERY KITCHEN: Thanks to the charming tea kettle design from the 1950s, the daily heating of water turns into a delightful experience. The boiling process can be comfortably watched in real time on the side-mounted thermometer display.

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Arendo – 3000 W Turbo kettle – stainless steel (3000 Watt) including four selectable temperature levels | integrated anti-scale filter | 1.7 L | 3000 Watt quick-cooking function | automatic shutdown | One-touch closing | 360 ° base station

Arendo Turbo stainless steel kettle with digital temperature control in stylish chrome look to your kitchen!

The kettle has a Turbo Quick-cooking function. With the digital temperature control you can choose between 4
freely selectable temperature levels: 70 ° / 80 ° / 90 ° / 100 °. Once the water has reached the desired
target temperature, the actuated key lights up and you will hear three consecutive “beep”. The heater turns on
automatically and the process is completely finished.

The modern stainless steel kettle has a capacity of 1.7 liters and a powerful 2500 – 3000 watt. The practical
OneTouch shutter opens automatically with a slight pressure on the shutter button. Cook only as much water as
you really need. Because that not only saves time, but also valuable Energy.

The 360 ° rotating contact socket ensures an easy handling of the device. Due to the removable scale filter you
can clean this kettle simple.

Product Features

  • Model Designation: Arendo – 3000 W stainless steel turbo kettle with four selectable temperature settings / buttons
  • Wireless stainless steel turbo kettle in chrome look | Material: Stainless steel (brushed) | 360 ° docking / base station | With integrated cable reel ambidextrous | Water capacity: 1.7 litres | digital temperature control with 4 freely selectable temperature levels: 70 ° / 80 ° / 90 ° / 100 ° (red LED illuminated keys) – the reached target temperature is signaled by a beep
  • Power supply: 220 – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz | Power consumption: 2500K – 3000W | very low standby consumption of < 0.4W | energy-efficient quick heating | Easy readable water level indicator | acoustic signal | practical OneTouch shutter opens with slight pressure on the shutter button fully automatically
  • Overheating protection | Removable and washable limescale filter | automatic switch-off function | Anti-slip feet for a stable stand on almost any surface

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