Solar Kettle (Blue)

Our solar kettle, which we have been developing for several years, is now in full production.
It is extremely portable and very stylish.
In use, its reflectors are folded out to gather three times more energy than with only a plain tube.

During transit the reflectors are folded in and protect the tube, and it looks and feels just like a large thermosTM flask.
The solar kettle gives you hot/boiling water on tap wherever there is sunshine. Whether camping in a tent, motor-home, caravanning or on manoeuvres with the army; the solar kettle means no more reliance on gas stoves and no more heavy and expensive gas canisters. No dangerous flames. Just an unlimited source of free energy!

The solar kettle is light and compact. It weighs just 1.7 kg. It can be used to melt snow to make tea, coffee, soup and hot food which can seriously revive a cold and tired mountaineer. Alpine conditions of clear sunshine give ideal operating conditions regardless of the air temperature.

The Solar Kettle can be used to sterilize water thus making unknown water sources safe to drink. Beverages such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup can easily be made with the solar kettle. In extreme cold climates it can be used to melt snow and pasteurize it for drinking water. In sea survival situations the solar kettle can be used for desalination, to produce distilled fresh drinking water, from seawater.
The solar kettle can, in good conditions, negate the need for a conventional kettle. In bad conditions it can still be used to pre-heat the water (e.g. to 55-60°C) thus saving significantly on the electricity required.

Winter use
In the winter you can fill the solar kettle with hot water or a hot beverage. Unlike a conventional thermos flask which will gradually cool over a number of hours, the solar kettle will gather any available solar (infra red) radiation and use it to stay hot.

Product Features

  • Boiling water at ZERO cost
  • NO electricity required
  • Use when camping, hiking, fishing travelling the world
  • Make tea and coffee, cook rice, boil eggs
  • Use to sterilise water or utensils

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