Dxp Kitchen Stove Kettle for Shisha Hookah Coal Stove 1000 W Hot Plate Electric Cooking Paide White

Electric Stove Stove Electric Heater for the water pipe
1.Mechanism with 1 – 5 levels, can be adjust the temperature. Secure, with energy efficiency, without radiation
2.Stainless steel flat tube for heating, high temperature resistance, wide scope of application, it can heat water pipe, Charcoal Cooking Broth, boil the water, warm
3.Power 1000 W Electric Stove, Heats with high speed
State of the product: Neu & OVP
1.Material: Iron
2.Dimension: 21 * 21 * 4
3.Colour: White
4.Packaging: Individual Packaging of each product
Package Content: 1 * Electric Stove

Product Features

  • Material: Iron; Dimension: 21 * 21 * cm
  • 1 – 5 levels, you can adjust the temperature safe mechanism with energy efficiency, no radiation
  • Stainless steel flat bottom tube for heating, high resistance to temperature, wide scope of application, can be heated water Hookah Coal, cooking broth, boil water, warm
  • Power: 1000 W ELECTRIC STOVE, heats up in high speed
  • Colour: White

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