Little Treasures Pretend and Play Cordless Electric Kettle Toy

A fun and pretty magic pretend boiler tea kettle from Little Treasures will make the perfect gift for any little treasure age 3 or higher. It is colorfully designed that will attract kids attentions and features cool sound effects that add a fun level of realism to pretend play time. It is a great way for kids to practice the art of tea making, with an open top they can actually use the kettle as a pitcher and serve drinks to friends. This toy makes a great addition to any kids pretend kitchen play set and will be a favorite of theirs after they see how much fun it is to play with. It is simple to pick up and use so that kids will enjoy seamlessly working it into their play time and are sure to enjoy pretending to serve up hot steamy beverages to their friends and family. Description: Included in this box set from Little Treasures is the funky and cool magic boiler tea kettle with push button sound effects and an operational lid. A fun to play with realistic pretend tea kettle that will elevate a child’s play time to a new level. They are sure to enjoy this toy set as it will expand any pretend kitchen play set and can even be used to serve up drinks to friends that with a little imagination will be toasty warm.

Product Features

  • A fun and exciting addition to pretend kitchen toy sets this magic boiler tea kettle from little treasures is sure to be a hit with kids
  • Push button sound effects let kids act out the art of tea making to new levels that will be fun for friends and family
  • Always featuring fun and bright colors little treasures pretend toy sets are a favorite amongst children
  • Safely designed and battery operated make it easy to maintain and will keep realistic sound effects and lights working for time to come

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