Perlity Glass Electric Kettle, Portable Rapid Boiling And Automatic Closing With 1.7L …

1.There is a separate button to open the lid, you can put the whole hand to clean water stains.

2.Using LED lighting design, once the kettle starts working, the LED lights up, which can be used as an indicator of night lighting; when the kettle stops working, the LED turns off immediately.

3.The jug will pour water into the filter and when it pours, it will filter out impurities in the water.

4.Kettle body carved water mark line, easy to measure.

Pay Attention:
1. When working in the kettle, do not separate the base and touch the kettle.

2. Do not let your child touch the kettle.

3. Please use the matching base, not with the base of other products.

4. When the kettle is working, cover with a lid to prevent the water from splashing when the water boils and cause burns.

5. The maximum capacity of the kettle is 1.7L. Do not exceed the maximum value.

6.Do not pour water immediately after the water has boiled, and wait until the bubbles in the water have disappeared before pour water.

7.The scale on the bottom of the kettle can be soaked with pure vinegar for 24 hours and wiped with a cloth.

Kettle x1

Base x1

Manual x1

Product Features

  • High quality-The kettle is made of borosilicate glass and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, and high light transmittance. Without BPA, there is no odor during use.
  • Safety-Ergonomic handles, anti-slip grips and insulated handles, no need to worry about slipping and scalding from your hands.
  • Fast-With 2000W rapid heating function, 1.7L water capacity boil takes only 5-6 minutes.
  • Ingenious design -With LED lighting indicator, more beautiful and more modern.
  • Convenient -Built-in 360-degree rotating base, left and right hands can be used, more convenient operation.

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Perlity Cordless Electric Kettle, Topop Portable 1500 W Electric Stainless Steel Tea Kettle Brushed Instant Hot Water Kettle with 2L / 200mL Capacity for Boiling Water or Travel – Silver / Black

This water kettle is made of top quality stainless steel, shatter-proof and rust free, sturdy and robust.The kettle and the base are separable. You can easily separate the kettle from the base. Simply lift up the kettle from the base for carrying and pouring.The kettle spout is designed with many holes for filtering impurities from water. you shold pay more attention :1. Never immerse the kettle and base into water as it is an electric appliance.2. Do not open the lid while water is boiling.3. Wait for 1 minute before pouring the boiled water out.

Product Features

  • This electric water kettle is made of premium food-grade stainless steel and approved by FDA. It is safe for boiling drinking water and will never get rusty. Stainless steel brushed surface treatment optimizes its appearance and makes the slight scratches invisible.
  • This kettle is big enough to accommodate 2000mL water and it is perfect for small gatherings and parties. You can quick to brew several cups of coffee for your visitors within 5 minutes. The whole body of the kettle is compact. It is space-saving for storage and travel.
  • Topop kettle will automatically shut off when water boils and it has smart protection system against dry heating. The red LED indicator light will turn off automatically when water boils and little electricity will be used, which makes this electric kettle a real energy-saving tool.
  • The heat resistant handle protects you from being scalded when you are pouring water out. The MAX and MIN marking line in the interior wall tells you if the water is too much or too little. The buckle design on the lid makes open a breeze. You need a portable kettle!
  • The large opening makes cleaning easier and one hand can reach into the kettle bottom for cleaning up water scale. The cord is easy to be hidden underneath the base. Every Topop product includes a 30 days money back guarantee and 18 months worry-free warranty!

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