Klarstein AquaVita Chalet • Electric Kettle • 1.7 litres • 2200W • 180° Connector • Vintage Teapot Design • Analog Display • Cool-Touch Handle • Automatic and Manual Shutdown • Overheating and Boil-Dry Protection • Stainless Steel • Green

Classic electric kettle in tea kettle design with 2200W power, 1.7-litre capacity and
cool-touch handle.

Side-mounted analogue temperature gauge.

The Klarstein Aquavita Chalet is a cheerful kettle, which charmingly heats up hot
water for tea, coffee and hot foods.

Within seconds, the powerful 2200W concealed heating element brings the filled water
to a boil.

As a special feature, the boiling process can be monitored in real time via the
Klarstein Aquavita Chalet’s built-in thermometer display on the side. The ideal time
for the perfect temperature may be adjusted.

Thanks to the lack of cable as well as the cool-touch handle, the electric kettle
allows for easy transport of the boiled water to your chosen destination, without any
worry over cable length or burned fingers.

The green body of the Klarstein kettle is completely made of stainless steel and is
based on a classic tea kettle design, bringing the timeless look into a modern form.
The small footprint allows for installation in virtually any kitchen.

Top Features:

• Electric kettle in a classic tea kettle design
• 180 ° connector
• 2200W power
• 1.7 litres
• Analogue temperature display
• Cool-touch handle


• Material of stainless steel
• Small footprint
• Filter at the outlet
• Concealed stainless steel heating element
• Automatic and manual shutdown
• Boil-dry protection
• Overheating protection
• Base station with cord storage
• On and off switch
• Power supply: AC 230V, 50Hz


• 1 x device
• 1 x station
• 1 x English user manual (other languages: German)


• Diameter: 17cm
• Height: 25.5
• Weight: about 950g

Product Features

  • WIRELESS AND QUIET: The Klarstein Aquavita has a volume of 1.7 litres and features a 360 ° turnable plug-in connection. Since the electric kettle is wireless, it can be transported easily. It is not only comfortable in use but also very quiet.
  • SUPER FAST HEATING: The tea maker in an elegant stainless steel housing has a keep-warm function. Thanks to its 2200 watts of power, the electric kettle is turbocharged – the boiling point for refreshing hot beverages can be reached in a very short time.
  • COMFORTABLE AND SAFE: In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, the kettle has a cool touch handle, which protects against possible burns. The additional dry boil and overheating protection makes the kettle a safe companion in every kitchen.
  • HIGH CAPACITY – UP TO 6 CUPS OF TEA: The Klarstein Aquavita is a practical electric kettle that not only supplies enough water for one person, but also supplies medium-sized households, offices or camping trips outdoors with hot water for beverages.
  • EYE-CATCHER IN EVERY KITCHEN: Thanks to the charming tea kettle design from the 1950s, the daily heating of water turns into a delightful experience. The boiling process can be comfortably watched in real time on the side-mounted thermometer display

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Cordless Electric Kettle / Travel Kettle / Cool-Touch Handle / Automatic and Manual Shutdown / Overheating and Boil-Dry Protection for Water Tea Make Small Power Electric Kettle Student Dormitory Mini Stainless Steel Kettle 700W 0.8 liters Electric Kettles ( Color : Pink ) (size:highth20*width22cm) by DRM

Please confirm the size and color when you make order.

Electric kettle heating rate: 6 minutes (inclusive) -10 minutes (including)

Electric kettle material: stainless steel

Electric kettle type: electric kettle

Scale marked: the inner wall marked

Heating method: Chassis heating

Product Features

  • fit the staff design, soft touch, comfortable angle;
  • anti-hot insulation design, do not worry about being burned? good for your health;
  • Steam sensor switch,Water boiling automatically stop;
  • Prevent aging water to ensure adequate water boil;
  • large capacity, with beautiful pot body

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Glass Electric Kettle – 1.7L Blue LED Illuminated Stainless Steel Kettle, 2200W Quiet Quick Boil Cordless Electric Kettle with Auto Shut Off & Overheating Protection for Water Tea Make, Black

Do you have a taste for tea, hot chocolate or instant soup? VIVREAL 1.7L glass electric kettle can have it ready in minutes! Having this illuminated kettle, you can enjoy clean water and never need worry about mold or rust. The glass kettle boils water efficiently, saves time and energy, and is also a beautiful addition to any kitchen countertop.

Thanks to the advanced heating technology and 1850W-2200W concealed heating element, VIVREAL water electric kettle ensures fast and efficient heating. Heat up water for hot chocolate or tea in no time with this electric kettle, which holds up to 1.7L of water, so you can prepare enough for several people. This is the best choice for you!

The illuminating glass kettle has been remarkably durable and it will automatically shut off once the water is under 0.25 Liter to avoid hazards and damage to the kettle. Additional functions including boil-dry protection and lid lock function – great performance features to make sure you can use this kettle for years safely. Besides, with a blue illuminated LED, the elegant design will make this centerpiece for any countertop!

This electric kettle is a MUST BUY which offers you all the comfort you could ever want from this portable and very convenient device! We are confident that this tasteful electric tea kettle will quickly become an indispensable addition to your home or office! VIVREAL glass electric kettle is backed by 90-DAYS REFUND GUARANTEE & 2-YEAR WARRANTY, totally no risk for you!

Product Features

  • FAST BOIL ELECTRIC KETTLE: The glass electric kettle utilizes advanced heating technology and 1850W-2200W concealed heating element to ensure fast and efficient heating within just a few minutes. Compared to stovetop kettles, this illuminated kettle is as functional as it is stylish which is faster than a stove or microwave and using less than half the energy. Whenever you have a taste for tea, hot chocolate or instant soup, the VIVREAL 1.7L electric kettle can have it ready in minutes!
  • UNIQUE ILLUMINATED DESIGN: Handsomely crafted from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, brushed stainless steel and food-grade plastic, this 1.7L capacity electric kettle is ideal for heating water for instant soups, hot drinks and teas. No more guess about water levels with this tea kettle that also makes water boiling a visual delight. The soft blue LED illumination when boiling will surely please your eyes and convenient easy-to-read liter markings allow for precise measuring!
  • 100% SAFE & CONVENIENT: The kettle comes with boil dry protection, automatic shut-off feature and concealed heating element, so you never have to worry about the kettle running when it’s dry. The glass kettle also features a push-button lid and easy-pour spout that make filling and serving even cleaning easily. Serving at the table is no problem as the kettle lifts right off the 360-degree rotating base without the cord, and a cord wrap is under the base for space-saving storage when not in use.
  • USER FRIENDLY FEATURE: Featuring a large capacity, cord-free serving and user-friendly handling, this quick boil kettle is very functional also a beautiful addition to any kitchen countertop. The 1.7L capacity can hold enough water for you to enjoy several cups of water or cocoa without refilling the kettle. The kettle swivels on its base and can be lifted up from the base, it can serve the liquid right to your table. Besides, the handle is very comfortable to grasp and use for pouring safely.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: VIVREAL is a professional brand providing home appliances and famous for after-sales service. We are confident that our electric kettles are manufactured under strict quality standards to give our customers best experience. For any problem, you can contact us and we will reply you immediately to solve all of your worries. We offer a FREE REPLACEMENT POLICY without any cost from your side and 2-YEAR WARRANTY for this kettle, totally no risk for you!

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Aicok Stainless Steel Glass Kettle Temperature Control Electric Kettle ,Jug Cordless kettle with Blue LED Light,Auto Shut Off and Overheating Protection,1.7L


This Aicok TEMP TEA GLASS KETTLE makes it easy to enjoy vast variety of tea, coffee with attractive, easy to use and very affordable kettles! You will definitely appreciate our products performance year after year!


1.Just fill the pot with a 2-to-1 solution of vinegar or lemon juice and water, or pour in cola straight from a bottle.
2.Leave the pot overnight and rinse it in the morning.
3.Remove any discoloration that remains with a paper towel. 
4.Keep away from the electric kettle when boiling water. Due to stainless steel and glass material, kettle body will hot. You could grip the cool handle to pour water.

Product Specifications:

Supply Voltage:220-240V~50Hz
Operating Power: 2200 Watts
Boiling Time: 5~10 mins
Heating Method: chassis heating

BOX CONTAIN 1 x Aicok Kettle
1 x kettle base
1 x manual

Product Features

  • √TEMPERATURE CONTROL KRTTLE- Aicok ELECTRIC KETTLE has temperature adjustment and also a keep warm setting. The keep warm function can be set between 50-95 degrees Celsius in 5 degrees increments which is useful for making different how beverages from fruit teas to coffee. The keep warm function will automatically stop after 2 hours which helps saves electricity and is convenient if you forget to turn it off.
  • √FULL STAINLESS STEEL and GLASS POT BODY – The base and the top is made of STAINLSEE STEEL, the pot’s body is made of 100% glass design, unlike other kettles which use plastics that are bad for your health.
  • √THE PERFECT DESIGN -Diameter of 22 cm, a REMOVABLE TEA FILTER and 360 degree digital control base is perfect for large gatherings.And the high-tech double-layer handle helps you to protect your fingers from the kettle’s heat. Its Intelligent nozzle design prevents leakage of water when pouring. Multiple protections, allows you to use it at ease.
  • √FAST BOIL KETTLE-Boiling at 2200 Watts power, this kettle heats up water quickly. 1.7L capacity CORDLESS KETTLE,boil one cup of water in 50 seconds,and then shuts off automatically after the water is boiled,it is a good helper for home use.
  • √2 YEAR GUARANTEE: We are confident in the quality of our Aicok TEA Kettle that we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and industry leading full 2 Year warranty.

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Homeleader K09-035 Electric Glass Water Kettle, Stainless Steel Kettle with Blue LED Light, Cordless, Auto Shut-Off and Overheating Protection, 2200W Fast Heat-up, 1.7L Capacity, Sliver

Homeleader: The best choice for your daily life
Homeleader Stainless Steel Electric Kettle is a natural choice for any modern home, office or restaurant environment. The kettle lets you boil water, full of rich, fresh tea and coffee brew, every time. Tasteless brewing can now be a thing of the past. The Glass Electric Kettle is a veritable everyday essential.

Model: J09-035
Output: 220-240V
Power settings: 1850-2200W
Volume: 1.7L
Package included: Water cooker x 1, 360-degree swivel power base x 1, Power cord x 1
Warranty Period: 1 year

Would you like to change your way of life, starting from Homeleader Stainless Steel Electric Kettle?
If you want to have a wonderful day, please LOOK HERE. You don’t have to worry about the poorly brewed drinks you make in the morning, while you rush to get out because since now you have the stainless steel electric kettle to help you. Try another kind of lifestyle by CLICKING the ADD TO CART button NOW, and Homeleader provides you with the best option.

About Homeleader:
Homeleader is well-known in the manufacturing and distribution of kitchen household appliances in many countries, providing optimal products aimed at satisfying our daily-life indoor and outdoor. In recent years, homeleader has grown into an international company whose main line is designing and manufacturing more good products used in our daily-life. In addition, Homeleader covers a wide range of products such as appliances in the kitchen and heaters in the bedroom.

Product Features

  • POWERFUL & FAST: You can heat water up to 8 cups (1.7L) at one time. 2200 Watts of high power boils water faster than before which saves your valuable time and effort.
  • HIGH QUALITY & SECURITY: Glass water cooker with durable, stain-resistant, high-quality borosilicate glass body. Stainless steel bottom with concealed heating element and overheat protection. A clear window shows exactly how much water you have left in the kettle.
  • CONTROL FEATURE: An intelligent blue indicator light informs you of its operation status. Once water reaches its boiling point, the light will turn off and so will the kettle.
  • CORDLESS & PORTABLE: The electric kettle is completely portable and allows you to carry it from room to room. 360-degree swivel power base can be connected to any outlet. So say goodbye to tangled wires.
  • RELIABLE AND FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE: Always be ready to respond within a 24-hour time frame. 30-day money back guarantee, 12-month replacement warranty and lifetime support guarantee.

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Cordless Kettle with 33.8oz Capacity, Overheating protection, 1200Watt, color: black

Cordless Kettle with 33.8oz Capacity, Overheating protection, 1200Watt, color: black

– Electric kettle with concealed heating element and on both sides Water level indicator
– 360 Degree Swivel = total ideal for Left and Rechsthaender
– Stainless steel heating floor covering the heating elements in the internal. A convenient and uncomplicated Cleaning is therefore possible
– automatic shut-off when reaching the Temperature
– Kabelaufwicklung at the bottom of the Base station

Product Features

  • Electric kettle with concealed heating element and on both sides Water level indicator
  • 360 Degree Swivel = total ideal for Left and Rechsthaender
  • Stainless steel heating floor covering the heating elements in the internal. A convenient and uncomplicated Cleaning is therefore possible
  • automatic shut-off when reaching the Temperature
  • Kabelaufwicklung at the bottom of the Base station

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