CUIYAN New Inside and Outside 304 Stainless Steel Coffee Cup Sports Kettle Creative Gift Cup Portable Thermos (Capacity : 500ml, Color : Rose gold)

Material :Inside and Out 304

Cup lid: food grade PP

Insulation performance :6-12 hours

Style: Sports

Style : Straight cup

Color: white, black, matte gradient gold, pearl gold

Capacity :500ml

Caliber: 8.5cm

Height: 17.5cm

Product Features

  • ▶ Fine filter hole, filter liner, no tea residue, tea is more comfortable
  • ▶ Detailed filtration, fine and numerous filter pores filter more thoroughly
  • ▶ Elegant shape, filter holes arranged in a simple and elegant pattern, pleasing to the eye
  • ▶ Easy to clean

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Car Plastic Cup USB Car Outside the Steel Electric Plug Cup Intelligent 12 V Electric Kettle Boil Water Heating Cup pink green

Product Name: Electric Car Mug
Material of product: Stainless Steel
Material: 304
Insulation: 0 – 6 hours
Style: Cartoon
Styles: Bullet
Package Specification: 13 x 9.5 x 19.5 cm
Colour: Blue, Green
Capacity: 401 – 500 ml
Applicable people: for adults

Product Features

  • Stainless steel cup 12 V voltage, 50 W Power, High temperature, anti-aging health and safety isolation False Note a strong smell
  • Exclusive to ensure their safety oxygen efficient removal of toxic oxygen in water Suitable for driving the use of the energy of the standard 12 V car plug
  • Built-in fuse built-in the basis of energy and remove freely provide heating indicator light External contact fast safe and reliable
  • Patented structure for a long life of high quality 304 stainless steel corrosion resistant Seiko manufacturing Stainless Steel The structure of the insulation
  • Shock proof security intimate water based electric car for coffee and milk powder drink for the path to provide heat

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Swivel/Rotate Kitchen Tap Aerator with both “Stream & Spray” water flow settings. Robust & gives a perfect water stream – get rid of that splashing tap! German manufactured with the latest eco technology! Tap Aerator measures BOTH 24mm Male (thread on outside) & 22mm Female (thread on inside) as it comes with a Metal Female to Male Adaptor. Fits Round, SINGLE FLOW, Mixer taps. Perfect for rinsing sinks! Simply unscrew your existing tap regulator and screw this on!

The Every Drop Is Precious quality Swivel Stream and Spray Kitchen Tap Aerator incorporates the latest German eco-technology so will help you achieve money savings by saving water and energy! This great product looks stylish and works brilliantly. Suitable for a monobloc (single spout) round mixer tap with single flow. Simply unscrew your tap regulator (found at the end of your taps spout – if you have one – if you are not sure send us a photo) and measure the diameter of the regulator from the thread end (opposed to the end where the water comes out) from the very left to the very right and directly across the middle. Then determine if Male or Female Tap Aerator is required (simply unscrew the Male Adaptor to reveal the Female thread) and screw onto your taps spout. ~ Integrated aerator technology (aerator adds air into the water to create a seemingly voluminous and lovely water flow similar to champagne) suitable for both high and low water pressures ~ Chrome in colour ~ Suitable for both Male AND Female tap threads as it comes with a metal adaptor ~ Product length: 5.5cm (without adaptor) 2 year warranty N.B: Comes with a x2 spare rubber washers too. SAVE WATER, SAVE ENERGY, SAVE MONEY!

Product Features

  • A brilliant sturdy water & energy saving kitchen tap aerator with a choice of stream & spray water flow settings – simply turn the nozzle to switch between them.
  • Rotates/swivels 60 degrees so you can rinse your sink on the spray setting, whilst the stream setting is perfect for filling kettles.
  • Prevents unsightly and messy splashing and really does work! (Providing it is ONLY used on a round SINGLE flow mixer tap!) Your tap will be like new in just 2 minutes – no need to replace your whole tap!
  • Fits on BOTH 24mm Male (thread on outside of tap aerator) & 22mm Female (threading on inside) round mixer tap spouts, as it comes with a pre-fitted Female to Male Metal Adaptor. Extra rubber washers included too.
  • Easy to fit – simply unscrew your existing kitchen tap regulator (bit on the end of your tap spout, if there is one) and screw on this new one! If you’re not sure if it’ll fit your tap send us a picture and someone from the Every Drop Is Precious team will advise you.

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