Fire-maple Portable Anodized Aluminum Heat Collecting Exchanger Kettle Tea Coffee Pot Outdoor Camping Picnic Cookware Drawstring Mesh Bag 1.5L FMC-XT2 / 0.8L FMC-XT1 (FMC-XT2 1.5L)


1. unique parent material but welding technology, efficient collector ring and the pot body integration, and thermal conductivity fast sudden onslaught of typhoon “Typhoon,” can effectively shorten the cooking time by 30 percent while saving 30% of the valuable fuel.

2. Do not use scaling powder in welding, ensure that there are no harmful substances spilling in the process of cooking , make sure to be healthy.


Material: Hard Anodizing Aluminium

Portable: Suitable for backpack Camping

Safety: Heat-proof rubber hand shank Scald protection handle

Package Included:

1 x Kettle

1 x tea-strainer

Product Features

  • Material: Hard Anodizing Aluminium
  • Shaped ring design, greatly enhance the thermal performance, reduce 30% fuel consumption and heating time.
  • Super lightweight aluminum, hard anodized finish, wear resistant and corrosion resistant.
  • With scald protection handle. Come with a tea filter.
  • Suitable for camping, picnic and other outdoor activities.

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Coffee Filter 304 Stainless Steel Coffee Dripper – Reusable Pour Over Portable & Paperless Permanent Cone double fine mesh Pour Over Coffee Maker with Separate Stand with Silicon Handle for1-4 cups

Product description
Better Tasting, More Affordable, and Economical Cup of Coffee
Reusable and ECO-friendly
Our coffee dripper provides you a hassle-free, permanent and reusable solution to brew
high-quality pour over coffee without the need to ever buy paper filters again. Stop paper waste and do your bit for our coffee filter.
How to use it
1.Simply place the pour-over coffee filter on top of your coffee cup.
2.Put two or three tablespoons of medium or coarse ground coffee in the filter.
3.Pour hot water over the coffee and let the water drip through filter.
※Clean Tips:
1.Clean the filter by soaking it in a solution of half white vinegar and half water for 30 minutes;Putting it in the top rack of the dishwasher after soaking will also help finish the job.
2.The best grind for a drip coffee would be a medium grind about the texture of sea salt. Use a burr grinder for the best results.
– Whistle Size: Base Dia. 4.9″(12.5cm), Height 3.75″(9.5cm)
– Weight: 150g
Package Contents
– 1 x Coffee filter

Product Features

  • ★HIGH QUALITY: Made of food grade BPA free 18/8 (304) stainless steel,reusable, firm and durable, green and safe. The filter cup is design with double layer net, the inner net is stainless steel yarn net, which allows the coffee oils to flow through for a richer, better tasting coffee, the outer net is stainless steel round hole net, combined with the inner net, more effectively filter the coffee grounds
  • ★GREAT-TASTING: no paper filter brewing will not absorb any nutrients or oils from your coffee beans powder. Perfectly alternative to disposable paper filters, It leave no odor in your coffee, Ultra fine mesh keeps all the flavor in the brew, eliminating paper taste,fast and durable, let you enjoy a clear flavorful coffee and saving your money.
  • ★LIGHT AND PORTABLE: No need for a coffee machine to have a decent cup of coffee on your home travels or office, you can take it where you want, to the office, on a camping, caravan or hotel trip. The built in stand is designed to fit on most cups, mugs, thermoses, small pots and even carafe. A perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life
  • ★SCALD-PROOF HANDLE DESIGNED: with a removable rubber grip and ring to help pour the hot water safely,easy to grip and can be removed easily for washing
  • ★CLEVER DESIGN: The material of this filter cup is smooth and clean-up is simple. Just rinse the cone with warm water or in the dishwasher and leave to dry.Please remember to clean it right after each usage to avoid coffee residue getting stuck

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Apace Living Pour Over Coffee Maker (800 ml) and Coffee Scoop – Coffee Dripper with Glass Carafe & Permanent Stainless Steel Mesh Filter (5 Cup Size)

Apace Living™ Pour Over Coffee Maker, 800 ml / 27 oz (5 cup size)
– Great coffee made easy.

Features & Benefits
• Top Notch Permanent Stainless Steel Filter: Laser-cut reusable filter, crafted to perfection
• Sturdy Pour Over Glass Carafe: Beautifully crafted by borosilicate glass to last a lifetime
• Rich & Flavorful Coffee: Retains the aroma and delicious flavors of your coffee unlike paper filters
• No Fuss, Easy Cleaning: Dishwasher safe, fast and easy to clean
• Heat Resistant Handle: Easy, hassle-free pouring. Comfortable to hold

Simply Great Coffee
– Rich and flavorful coffee that brings out every note and aroma from your grounds
– Superior to french press in that it retains the aroma and natural oils of ground coffee
– Smoother and less bitter taste than your typical drip machines

Beautify Your Kitchen
– Simple, yet elegant looking and functional pour over coffee dripper
– Adds a nice luxurious touch to any kitchen
– A must-have addition to your other coffee accessories

The Perfect Gift
– Makes an excellent gift for any occasion; birthdays, holidays, housewarming etc
– Pair with our Pour Over Coffee Kettle for the perfect bundle
– Loved by coffee baristas, connoisseurs and beginners alike

Save Money
✔ No paper filters needed
✔ Never spend a dime on disposable filters again!

Package Contents
– 1 Pour Over Glass Carafe
– 1 Reusable Coffee Filter
– 1 Coffee Scoop

Buy with Confidence
– 1 Year Warranty
– 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The current introductory offer is limited to stock availability and subject to change without prior notice. Go ahead and treat yourself with this coffee maker and make great coffee an everyday occurrence today!

Product Features

  • ✔ GREAT COFFEE MADE EASY: Take your coffee game to a whole new level. This glass coffeemaker is not only incredibly easy to use, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, it also makes delicious coffee like nothing you’ve ever tasted before!
  • ✔ AMAZING VALUE: Includes 1 pour over glass carafe, 1 reusable laser-cut stainless filter, and one of our signature coffee scoops, at an all-time low, introductory price
  • ✔ SAVE MONEY: Stop wasting your hard earned dollars on paper filters! When you purchase this pour over coffee dripper today, you’re doing yourself, your wallet, and the environment a huge favor. An investment, if you will.
  • ✔ BEAUTIFY YOUR KITCHEN: Not only is this the go-to tool for coffee baristas and connoisseurs alike, it also spices up any kitchen with its simple, yet elegant design, beautifully crafted by borocilicate glass. Some might say a piece of art.
  • ✔ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We’ve got you covered! When you order today, you take on literally ZERO risk: 1 Year Warranty, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. No catches. See below for more info.

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Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Cone, Reusable Coffee Dripper Maker with Separate Stand – Clever Double Layer Fine Mesh for Single Serve Cup (1-4 cups) – Free Coffee Scoop

Stainless Steel Coffee Dripper

Our coffee dripper does not absorb the essential oils and nutrients of the coffee, which allows them to pass through the filter, giving your coffee the rich, full taste you are after.

Take It With You

Pour Over Coffee Filter is small, lightweight and durable. Take it with you to use wherever you enjoy your coffee most, no matter where you are! With this 4 cup cone, you can make 1-4 cups of coffee.

A Great Gift For Coffee Lovers

Coffee aficionados will love this device to add to their choice of brewing methods.

Click Add to Cart Now And Get Your Coffee Dripper Fliter Fine Today.

Product Features

  • MAKE THE PERFECT CUP OF COFFEE: Perfect coffee beans, measurements and brewing times do not make a perfect coffee unless you use the right filter. Simply use our cone filter, boiled water and coffee for that perfect brew.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Bonus coffee scoop, just scoop in medium ground coffee and pour hot water. After each brew, simply rinse well with warm water or throw it into the dishwasher.
  • TAKE IT WITH YOU: Its light and portable. great use at home and for camping, travel and the office.
  • 100% FOOD GRADE SAFETY: The delicate filter net is made of food-level stainless steel. This filter net is designed with high density and safe to use long term.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: If you aren’t 100% satisfied we will provide you with a refund or a free replacement – whichever you prefer.

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Andrew James 1000 Watt Programmable Filter Coffee Maker In Matt Black With 24 Hour Timer, Reusable Mesh Filter, Illuminating Buttons, 12 Cup Capacity And 2 Year Warranty

Let’s face it, if you haven’t yet had a coffee, the simplest of tasks can be tricky! This stylish filter coffee machine is your saviour when it comes to simple coffee preparation, whether it’s at home or in the office.

Coffee in 3 Simple Steps:
1. Fill the carafe with water up to the level of cups you need and pour it into the machine’s water tank
2. Tip the necessary scoops of ground coffee into the filter section – around one per cup is recommended but it depends how strong you like it!
3. Make sure the carafe is in place, switch the coffee maker on at the wall and press the on button. That’s it!

Freshly brewed coffee will start to drip into the carafe having picked up all the wonderful flavours and aromas from the grounds. A full 12-cup jug of coffee will take just 12 minutes to brew.

Coffee when you need it most:
The 24 hour timer means you can set it to brew coffee at exactly the right point in your day. The coffee will be kept warm for up to 30 minutes after brewing, which is handy if you’re guilty of hitting snooze a few too many times!

The washable mesh filter can be used again and again, meaning it’s better for the environment than using disposable paper filters – and better for your wallet! The coffee maker also has an automatic switch off to save energy if it is inactive for more than 30 minutes.

No Risk, No Mess
The coffee maker has a drip-stop function which prevents coffee leaking out if the carafe is not in place. It’s also equipped with boil-dry protection.

The Lumiglo Look
The super smooth matt black finish, the gleaming chrome details, the glowing blue lights – this stylish machine could easily have travelled here from the future.

**Part of the Andrew James Lumiglo Range – MATCHING ITEMS AVAILABLE! Look for the Lumiglo Toaster and Kettle to get the full matching set**

Product Features

  • This stylish matt black filter coffee machine is really easy to use with LCD display and clear control buttons
  • Programmable 24 hour timer means you can have delicious hot coffee ready exactly when you need it
  • Removable and washable permanent filter – no need to buy paper filters
  • Makes up to 12 cups of coffee, taking only around 12 minutes
  • Carafe with anti-dribble spout – Includes 2 Year Warranty – No Registration Required

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Gutter Guard Mesh No Blocked Leaves Gutters Guttering 16Cm Height 5M Packs

Gutter MeshHigh quality Gutter Mesh is just the thing for preventing leaves and debris from clogging gutters and drainpipes. Manufactured from PE material so it doesnt rust or coorode this gutter mesh is nice and easy to install.Maintains water flow and reduces Blocking and Clogging in roof gutters.Dimensions: Length 5M X Width 16CMJust cut to size and stick INSIDE GUTTERclips into any type of gutter – including non-standard guttersSuitable for gutters up to 16cm width

Product Features

  • Dimensions: Length 5M X Width 16CM
  • clips into any type of gutter – including non-standard gutters
  • Suitable for gutters up to 16cm width
  • Note:For return policy in non product problem , customer has to response for shipping fee and 15% restore fee , And please return within 14 days

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bobuCuisine Stunning Glass Tea Pot Globe with Cozy Warmer, 1200 Ml – Embellish Your Kitchen – No Spill – Large Enough for 4 to 5 Cups of Tea – Rust Free Mesh Infuser

Welcome to bobuCuisine!
bobuCusine is an innovative kitchenware brand that prides itself on producing stunning products with affordable prices while providing an amazing buying experience.
Moving out? New condo? New space? Let’s us rock your kitchen with our awesome new products!

*Our stunning teapot offers handcrafted charm and comes with a chic black matching cozy that keeps tea warm much longer.
*It is constructed of hand blown glass and is dishwasher safe.
*It includes a stainless steel infuser so you can view the steeping process as it takes place.
*Simply place tea leaves inside the insert, then fill the pot with hot water and place the infuser inside the pot.
*Allow tea leaves to steep for as long as you like, depending upon your personal preferences.

The pot is made of high quality glass and durable plastic.
*The tea cozy is black to match the pot and comes with a heavy duty zipper with large pull so it’s quick to remove.
*The black plastic lid is attached to the handle so that you’ll never lose it. It easily lifts up out of the way when you need to clean the pot.

Get fresh, delicious tea every time with our stunning tea pot and matching cozy.
*The sleek spherical design will complement your kitchen and look amazing sitting on your countertops.
*Now you can enjoy a refreshing cup of tea whenever you like with our beautiful stylish teapot and back cozy.
*Wipe glass pot clean with damp rag if desired. Also dishwasher safe.

Our mission with bobuCuisine is to create stunning, affordable products with stylish designs to make your kitchen look great.
*We’ve succeeded with your NEW Glass Tea Pot Globe. This is why we can offer a lifetime warranty.

You will LOVE your new tea pot, ORDER TODAY!

Product Features

  • PREMIUM HAND BLOWN 1200ml BOROSILICATE GLASS CONTAINER that is heatproof and strong yet lightweight; Large enough for 4 to 5 cups of tea.g yet lightweight; Large enough for 4 to 5 cups of tea.
  • NO SPILL WITH SECURED TOP the cover was deliberately created to stay secured when pouring tea, no mess yet it’s easy to remove when adding tea. Unique tea pot design allows you to see the tea changing colors
  • LOOKS BEAUTIFUL ON YOUR TABLE It has an insulated, sturdy black plastic frame made to last. Easy to wipe clean and durable for many years of delicious cups of tea. Includes removable 18/8 stainless-steel mesh infuser insert for steeping loose tea leaves. Mesh infuser is rust-free with impressive design.
  • STYLISH BLACK MATCHING BLACK TEA COZY with zipper (can be machine-washed) to keep your tea hot for an extra-long time. No need for reheating. Chic design, and it resists stains and odors plus it’s dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
  • ORDER NOW WITH 100% RISK FREE – We pride ourselves on offering amazing products and back that up with our warranty. If you’re not happy with your tea pot, neither are we – and that’s why we offer a NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND/OR EASY PRODUCT REPLACEMENT. Order today with total peace of mind. See more product description below for added information.

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Eizur 1L Portable Ultra-light Outdoor Hiking Camping Picnic Water Kettle Teapot Coffee Pot Anodised Aluminum with Mesh bag

Product Features

  • Made of anodised aluminum, which makes the kettle solid.
  • High quality hard surface oxidation treatment,Good thermal conductivity,Scratch and corrosion resistant.
  • Foldable handle for easy packing, Classic shape, compact and exquisite size.
  • A mesh bag for convenient storage and carrying.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities, especially for hiking, camping.

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