Swiss Luxx 1L Grey Stainless Steel Low Wattage Cordless Kettle Caravan Motorhome

A stylish low wattage 1-litre kettle from Swiss Luxx! Being low wattage it draws very little electric 650W which ensures it will not trip any campsite electric and ensuring you can use it anywhere. It is also cordless which means the cord is attached to the base and not the kettle. This means when you pick the kettle up it is not attached to the socket making it easier and safer to use. It also means you can leave the base plugged in where required and still fill the kettle without having to unplug the base.

Ideal caravan, motorhome, campervan and camping use
Low wattage
Cordless, 360-degree base
Removable filter and a flip lid with a safety lock
Stainless steel high-quality heating element
Dry boiling protection
Auto cut-off
On/Off switch the LED light indication
Water level gauge indicator
Capacity: 1-Litre
Wattage: 650W
Colour: Grey

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Swiss Luxx 1.2L Low Wattage Cordless Clear Kettle Caravan Motorhome

Introducing from Swiss Luxx the 1-Litre capacity, low wattage kettle for use in caravans and campsites! The low wattage appliance, no risk of tripping the electrics! The kettle features a clear glass housing and water gauge level for safely of boiling. Easy to fill with the flip-lid and its cordless design provides ease of portability across the campsite, and to and from water supply.

Clear glass water housing
Water level gauge
Flip-lid for ease of filling
Auto cut-off once boiled
Dry boiling protection
Stainless steel heating element
LED On/Off indicator
50Hz ~ 1000W

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Swiss Luxx 1 Litre 650W Low Wattage Cordless Kettle

Swiss Lux is a complete range of low wattage camping and caravaning electrical items. This range of products has been specially developed specifically to offer energy efficiency which will benefit you whilst on site with your Caravan or Motorhome. 1 Litre Cordless White Kettle, Includes a safety lid and high quality Stainless Steel Heating Element. This kettle also has a handy dry boiling protection and has and auto cut-off to prevent damage. ON/OFF switch indicator light and a powerful 650W element.

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Swiss Luxx 1.2 Litre 650W Low Wattage Cordless Kettle

This kettle has a transparent water level gauge and a 360′ cordless base.
Removeable filter and flip lid with a safety lock.
It has a high quality stainless steel heating element.
Dry boiling protection and has an auto cut off to prevent damage.
on/off switch indicator light.

Product Features

  • 1.2L KETTLE
  • 650watt

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