Hwagui- Cast Iron Chinese Tea Pots with Infuser Tetsubin Tea Stove Kettle for Green Tea 600ml/20oz

About us
Hwagui is one of the biggest suppliers of Chinese teapots, our chinese tea pots in Amazon store include cast iron teapots and glass teapot.
We are specialized in selling handmade, practical and durable teapot. Our elegantly designed Japanese cast iron teapot has excellent heat retention and it can be heated directly

About the teapot
The teapot is made of cast iron which makes it extremely stable and gives it a long durability. The traditional use of cast iron ensures a excellent thermal storage and keeps the tea warm for a long time.

Tea pots with influser is easy to make the leaves nutrients infused into the water. Cast iron also retains heat much better than any other material.

Product advantages
Complex and sophisticated craftsmanship, with every vivid details, excellent thermal storage and even heat distribution make it not only practical but also worthy to collection.

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Product Features

  • Perfect design: stainless steel tea infuser that allows for black tea, green tea, oolong tea and flower tea and ensures it will not alter or detract from the taste
  • Function: Crafted of cast iron is good in evenly absorb and retain heat.
  • aesthetic: Professionally Crafted With a Gorgeous Pattern, this Cast Iron Teapot a art decoration, centerpiece and conversation Starter.
  • Benefits of cast iron: The traditional use of cast iron ensures a excellent thermal storage and keeps the tea warm for a long time.
  • safe in using: This Chinese tea pot is easy to pour spout keeps your hot water from going anywhere but into your mug

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Hwagui- Strong Borosilicate Glass Teapot Kettle with Removable stainless Infuser and Lid for Blooming Tea 800ml/20oz

Capacity: 800ml/25oz
Material: glass

about us
Hwagui teapot is one of the biggest suppliers of the teapot, the teapots in Amazon store include cast iron teapot and glass teapot.
All the teapot are handmade by craftsman. These practical, durable brewing teapots help to spread out heat very evenly throughout the whole vessel, enabling the user to brew high-quality, great tasting tea.

about the teapot
The clear glass tea pot is made up of 3 separate and detachable parts, the whole cleaning process is thorough and easy.
The ultra-transparent glass body, the superior infuser and the anti-skip lid, all to make this tea pot classy and durable.

Tips for Optimal Use
Smooth surface, detachable lid and filter enable an easy cleaning. Dry it with soft towel and avoid contacting with hard objects which may cause scratches. Though dishwasher friendly, hand-washing is easy and recommended.

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Product Features

  • Tea pot: the extraordinary clear glass of our teapot is a high grade glass, with its lightweight, it is convenient in brewing flower tea, herb tea for your health.
  • Teapot  infuser: This kind of tea pot has equipped with Stainless steel tea  infuser, which is effectively in separating the leaves and water.
  • Clear glass: This teapot is made of clear class, you could enjoy the color change of the water and the stretch of the tea leaves.
  • Perfect design: designed to fit all home and kitchen aesthetics, our Glass Teapot is as much a decoration and talking piece as it is a superior brewer.
  • Size: This Glass teapot is 800ml/25oz, which is for 3-4 normal cups to brewing black tea, green tea and loose leaf tea.

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