Riwendell Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle 3.2-Quart StoveTop Kettle Teapot with Copper Handle (GS-04043G-3.0L)

A gleaming stainless steel kettle is a classic that looks right in both traditional and today’s popular industrial-style home kitchens. All Cuisinart kettles have convenient whistles to signal that water is boiling.

Product Features

  • Constructed of high quality stainless steel,Featuring high-grade brushed and polished stainless steel finishes
  • 3.2-quart capacity . Suitable for induction stove, gas stove and so on.
  • The kettle whistles loudly when boiling to notify you it is finished.
  • Perfect for making tea, coffee, boiling milk, heating water for instant meals, boil water for hot chocolate, tea, coco, noodles,
  • Copper handle ,Handle is sturdy,durable and stain-resistant

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