BOKEH 1200 Watt Multi-Purpose Clothes Steamer and Travel Kettle – 450ml High Capacity Fabric and Garment Steamer – Compact, Lightweight & Portable – Hassle-Free Ironing For Home, Office & Travel

Fed up with the chore of ironing or frustrated with hand steamers that run out of water to quickly?
Good news! The most effective, hassle-free tool available is here with the power and steam force needed to erase wrinkles and creases from all fabrics! Wait just 35 seconds with 100ml of water to create wrinkle busting steam.
Using the maximum 450ml water capacity allows you to carry on steaming, uninterrupted, for much longer periods!
With no minimum fill line to worry about, add just a small amount of water for even faster heat up. Ideal for when your in a hurry and only need to de-wrinkle a single garment.

The Ultimate Fabric Steamer For Everyday Use With Hard Or Soft Water.
The only power steaming choice for clothes, bedding, table cloths, handkerchiefs, carpets, curtains, linens, suits, wedding gowns, sofas and vehicle interiors. Steam anything made of or covered by fabric whilst eliminating odors and killing bacteria, at the same time! Save money on your dry cleaning bills too!

The Only Steamer Made For Both Home And Travel.
This unique, easy to use, compact and lightweight steamer now offers you the perfect compromise between a dedicated home steamer and a mini-travel steamer. The result is a hand steamer that can breeze through multiple garments at home and refresh your suitcase-creased clothes whilst on your travels.

No kettle at your final destination?
No problem! The BOKEH steamer can easily change from a clothes wrinkle buster into a kettle, capable of boiling enough water to fill 2 cups in just 2 minutes. It can even hard or soft boil an egg!

PLEASE follow the instruction manual very carefully before use. The manual contains important information and user tips to help you achieve the best results.

Product Features

  • UNIQUE handheld steamer with 1200 watts of power to rapidly create steam in seconds and continuously for up to an unbeatable 25 minutes! Perfect for removing wrinkles, creases, odors and bacteria from all fabrics and also as a facial steamer, cake steamer, humidifier and chemical-free steam cleaner/steriliser around the home. The BOKEH steamer can also simply transform into a handy travel size kettle, if required!
  • LEADING 450ML CAPACITY – Gives you unrivalled continuous steam performance saving refill time when steaming multiple garments. With no detachable tank to frequently slow you down, fill-ups are hassle-free straight from the tap!
  • DUAL POWER STAINLESS STEEL HEATING ELEMENT – No aluminium and no water pump so ideal for repeated use with hard water and stays corrosion-free! With dual power settings, high and low, you have even more steam control. High power for cottons and linens and low power for steaming delicate fabrics like silk.
  • HIGH PRESSURE STEAM NOZZLE – Delivers steam with more force to remove the toughest wrinkles and creases from a multitude of fabrics. Relax fibres instead of crushing them with an iron. Safe and gentle on organic fabrics, silk, velvet, nylon, cotton, wool, linen, polyester, sequins, beads & embroidery.
  • 12 MONTH QUALITY GUARANTEE / CE SAFETY CERTIFIED – Plus professional UK after-sales support from a British company. No other fabric hand steamer is more versatile or continuously steams for longer.

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