EcoDescalk Universal 1 L. Natural All Purpose Descaler and Cleaner. 10 Decalcifications. Suitable for all Models of Kettle, Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Iron and Coffee Machine. Developed in UK.


EcoDescalk is a Bio 100% natural descaler with organic acids, which makes it in a natural non-corrosive and non-irritating antibacterial. Ideal to restore the optimal hygienic condition of your appliances. Its regular use helps to avoid the problems caused by the lime in the tanks and ducts, improving its performance and electrical consumption.

Up to 4 times more effective and quick to dissolve lime deposits compared to traditional descalers.

It can be used in any brand of household appliances.


Kettle, coffee maker, and griddle: Fill the tank the electric appliance with water and 80 ml (4 caps) of EcoDescalk. Make it work with this solution leaving in rest 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse and repeat 2 times with water only.
Washing machine and dishwasher: Pour 120ml (6 caps) of EcoDescalk into the drawer. Program a wash without load, must be of hot water (minimum, 50 degrees). Start up and let it finish.

Product Features

  • ✔️ ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY DESCALER. EcoDescalk Universal contains organic acids 100% biodegradable and natural. Due to its natural ingredients, this special descaler is sustainable for the environment.
  • ✔️ PREMIUM QUALITY. Our descaler removes effectively the limescale and prevents corrosion of your household appliance. It improves the performance of the appliance, extending its useful life and reducing its energy consumption.
  • ✔️ ALL PURPOSE. EcoDescalk Universal is the perfect ally for your home with multiple applications: kettle, washing machine, dishwasher, iron and steam generator iron, among others.
  • ✔️ DOSING CAP INCLUDED. Easy and safe use thanks to its dosing cap that allows up to 10 decalcifications for the maintenance of your appliance under normal conditions of use.
  • ✔️ “MY HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE IS VERY CALCIFIED”. In cases where regular maintenance of your small or large household appliance has not been followed or if the descaling warning indicator remains on after the application of the product, we recommend applying a shock treatment that doubles the standard dosage of our descaler.

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