Meelio Pour Over Coffee Kettle and Tea Kettle 1L – Stainless Steel 18/8 Drip Kettle with Precision Gooseneck Spout for Home Brewing, Camping and Traveling

The Meelio Coffee Drip Pour Over Kettle offers several improvements over their original designs.
The stainless steel kettle features an improved, thinner spout which allows for exquisite control over the flow of water. You’ll enjoy the control it affords as you release the water drop-by-drop directly beneath the spout. This design is ideal for professionals and beginners alike. Pour water predictably and easily, while at the same time maintaining precision control of the flow as you create the perfect cup of filter coffee.

Expertly crafted tip for the ultimate pour over experience
Superior control
Minimal design, sole purpose to pour the coffee

Size: 11 x 5 x 6.7 inches
Weight: 400g
Capacity: 1Liter
18-8 stainless steel material, materials
Accepted under direct heat, stove top

• Do not open the lid while boiling
• Fill the water under max level to avoid the overflow

Product Features

  • 【Perfect Flow Rate】Meelio Gooseneck kettle that really lets you control the flow of water to ground coffee. The spout controlled and precise flow of water that is optimal for extracting the most flavor when you brew coffee or tea using the pour over method. Perfect for pour-overs.
  • 【Hight-Quality Material:】This kettle made out of 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel (FDA Certification; BPA free and Eco-friendly, which ensures its durability, which gives it a brilliant, durable, rust-resistant finish that is easy to maintain, and will last a lifetime.
  • 【Ergonomic Handle】 The ergonomic handle is very comfortable to hold and pour. The nozzle hole is very close to the bottom, making it very easy to pour and to get all of your tea out.
  • 【GAS, ELECTRIC & INDUCTION-STOVE TOPS COMPATIBLE 】 The modern, simple and elegant stainless steel 304 (18/8) body complements any kitchen counter or top. Volume: 1.0L / 34oz
  • 【An anti-scald lid 】An anti-scald lid and a cap with a steam vent, to make sure that the water will not overflow

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Beffee 1.2L Pour Over Coffee Kettle Stainless Steel 18/8 Gooseneck Drip Kettle with Built in Thermometer,Heat-Resistant Handle

●Patented design,made of 18/8 stainless steel
●Smooth ergonomic handle suit Ladies and Gentlemen both.
●Built-in thermometer on the top help you easy to know the water temperature.
●Easy pour gooseneck spout
●Large capacity:1.2 litre full capacity

Product Features

  • Built-in Thermometer – The perfect hand drip requires a steady, even flow of water and just the right temperature. With the new built-in thermometer, your coffee will never be too hot or too cold. No more burnt coffee or lost flavors!
  • Gooseneck Spout – The gooseneck spout that allows you to unlock complex oils, flavors and aromas with ultimate precision
  • Material – This kettle is engineered from Food Grade 304 stainless steel, the pour over method is simple, makes a delicious brew and impresses everyone
  • Large Capacity – Full capacity is 1.2 litre but we recommend you only fill to around 1L to avoid over spilling
  • Ideal for the enjoying coffee or tea, which can be used directly on gas or electric stoves

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Meelio French Press Coffee Maker,Double Wall 18/8 Stainless Steel Heat Resistant Tea or Cafetiere Kettle(1 Liter,34OZ) Gift Set With Coffee Measuring Spoon & Two Filter Screens,with Calibration

The Meelio presshelps you make a clean cup of coffee, with all of the delicate flavors and aromas that fully express your coffee. You will taste the coffee, and not the grounds. And the cup you drink tomorrow is as good as the cup you drink today. The Meelio Press is a full immersion brewer: the coffee and water are mixed in the vacuum insulated brewer, which maintains temperature and gives you a precise flavor extraction. The unique stainless steel double micro-filter removes the grinds AND allows the aromatic and flavorful oils through. You get flavorful coffee with great body, that doesn¡¯t continue extracting in your cup. It is robust enough for home, coffee shop and restaurant use.

The French press coffee maker is easy to maintain as it can be cleaned in a dishwasher after every use.It is BPA-, PFOA-, and PTFE-free, which makes it eco-friendly and a great choice to own.

This French Press is much more durable than the ones with the glass carafe. The glass can break due to thermal shock, or if you drop it against the counter. This will never happen with steel. It’s very easy to clean and is entirely dishwasher safe.

– The best stainless steel(18/10)interior and exterior–Won’t rust and dishwasher safe. – The first Double Screens System—No more GROUNDS in your coffee

– Solid Packing–No broken gifts to your family members and friends.

Product Details
Product Size: 180*105*210mm
Product weight: 677g
Material: 18/8 Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Product Type: French presses
Color: Glossy
Rust Resistant: Yes
Brewing Time: 4 Minutes
Eco-Friendly: Yes

The package included:
1*French Press Coffee Maker
1*Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon
2*Extra Filter Screens for Replacement

Product Features

  • 【Outstanding Double Wall French Press Manufacturing Technology】–bad welding process will be cause spout and inside perforation, the other substances penetrate inner and outer will effect the french press lifetime and appearance,but we use special technology welding,all product through twenty minutes and 100 °C baked dry leak test to protect our product will more durable and more beautiful
  • 【Super French Press create your favorite flavor】–34OZ,Brews 1 liter(8 coffee cup or about 4 coffee mugs,interior and exterior made by the best 18/10 stainless steel
  • 【Keep Coffee Warmer Longer】NON-DRIP SPOUT. Pouring is impeccable. Rotatable double skin lid also prevents heat loss. The indoor temperature of 21°C, poured into the 96°C hot water, placed two hours, the pot of water also maintained above 60°C
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN AND KEEP COOL TOUCH】The Meelio French coffee press make it simple after using the Caffeinated. Double Wall cafetiere can keep coffee or tea warm longer. Cool touch handle and knob makes it safer to pouring.
  • 【Protect your investment:】Choosing the Meelio french press means protect your investment!Because we care about our customer experience ,if there

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E-PRANCE Pour Over Coffee Filter, Cone Coffee Dripper Paperless, Permanent 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel double mesh Pour Over Coffee Maker with Stand for 1-4 cups

Better Tasting, More Affordable, and Economical Cup of Coffee

Stable and Easy-To-Clean: Pour over cone for 1-4 cups for a darker and richer coffee taste.

Quickly and easily brew a robust, great-tasting cup of coffee with the pour-over coffee dripper filter.
Simply place the pour-over coffee filter on top of your coffee cup.
Put two or three tablespoons of medium or coarse ground coffee in the filter.
Pour hot water over the coffee and let the water drip through.

It has a sturdy, wide base so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over or not covering your coffee mug.

In the box we have included a guide with detailed instructions and tips, to help you brew the best cup of coffee you ever had.

Reuseable and ECO-friendly: Our coffee dripper provides you a hassle-free, permanent and reusable solution to brew high-quality pour over coffee without the need to ever buy paper filters again. Eliminate paper waste and do your bit for our planet.

Stop buying paper filters or expensive pods and start saving money today. This pour-over coffee dripper makes a great gift for the coffee lover in your life!

Product Features

  • Unlike plastic,18/8 (304) stainless steel is BPA free ,this reusable filter completely filters out even the finest grinds
  • A great alternative to disposable paper filters, that rob your coffee of essential oils, and flavors
  • Great-tasting cup of coffee with no paper filter brewing, will not absorb any nutrients or oils from your coffee beans power
  • Fine-grade mesh keeps the coffee grounds in the filter while allowing the coffee oils to flow through for a robust cup of coffee
  • Removable rubber grip for safe when pour with hot water, easy to grip and can be removed easily for washing

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