Teabloom Blue Rainbow Glass Teapot Kettle Set – 1200 ml Borosilicate Glass Teapot – Glass Kettle – 2 Flowering Tea Balls Included – Metal Strainer – Stovetop, Microwave Safe

Tea Blooms Blossom Before Your Eyes

This 1200 ml borosilicate glass teapot will give you years of reliable service – and remain looking as beautiful as it does on its first day in your home. The extra thick glass resists scratching and will never cloud or shatter due to extreme changes in temperature.

A Gourmet Gift for Your Favorite Tea Lover

Every pot of tea is filled with liquid happiness. Especially when relishing a pot of Teabloom’s very special hand-tied flowering tea balls. Simply place a flowering tea ball into a clear, heat-resistant borosilicate teapot and carefully cover with 3 to 4 inches of boiling water. This will ensure the flower has plenty of room to bloom properly.

Wholesome Green Tea Grown at High Elevation

The tea balls included with the Blue Rainbow Teapot are green tea with acai berry. They’re produced by plants nurtured at higher altitudes where the leaves can take their sweet time maturing. This final result is a richer, deeper tasting tea. The least processed of all popular teas, green tea preserves all its health-giving nutrients.

100% Money Back Guarantee

The Teabloom family wants you to shop with complete confidence knowing that we proudly provide our Blue Rainbow Teapot Kettle with a full satisfaction and money back guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love your teapot, let us know and we’ll refund your money with no questions asked.

Order Your New Blue Rainbow Teapot Kettle Gift Set Today and Discover a Brighter Way to Brew Your Tea

Product Features

  • A BRIGHT BLUE RAINBOW TO BRIGHTEN YOUR TEA TIME: Remarkable for its rainbow arch, the blue handle reminds one of sunny spring days filled with blooming flowers. The clear lid features a matching blue glass knob to complete the effect.
  • TWO HAND TIED BLOOMING TEA BALLS INCLUDED: Savor the aroma and healthful benefits of premium quality green tea, edible flowers and acai berry. Picked at their peak of freshness, arranged and tied by skilled tea artisans – then individually vacuum packed.
  • THERMAL RESISTANT BOROSILICATE GLASS: In addition to this gorgeous durable teapot kettle, you’ll receive, included with your purchase is a metal strainer that inserts into the spout. Simply remove the strainer anytime you plan to microwave the teapot.
  • ENJOY MULTIPLE POTS OF BLOOMING TEA: Every flowering tea ball can be steeped and savored up to three times each. When you’ve finished sipping the pot of tea, carefully cover the bloom with fresh, cold water and refrigerate until your next tea time.
  • FULL 1 YEAR WARRANTY: This Blue Rainbow Teapot Kettle & Flowering Tea Gift Set will brighten your home and make teatime a fun event for all. Buy with confidence knowing we’re backing your blooming teapot purchase with a full one-year warranty.

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Tefal TT550015 Toast and Egg Two Slice Toaster and Egg Maker, 1200 W – Black


Tefal 2 Slice Toaster and Egg Cooker TT550015

The combination of a wide-slot toaster, egg cooker and meat warmer that can perform each function
separately or all at once in 4-minutes makes this toaster the ultimate breakfast sandwich maker.

Features include an egg poaching tray for muffin-size cooked eggs, a steamer tray for hard boiling eggs,
two wide slots for toasts, muffins, croissants and bagels and a warming tray for heating pre-cooked eggs
or meat.


Product Features

  • 2-slice black toaster and egg maker, 1200 w
  • Steamer tray for hard boiling eggs, poaching tray for poaching eggs
  • Wide slots for toast, muffins, croissants and bagels

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bobuCuisine Stunning Glass Tea Pot Globe with Cozy Warmer, 1200 Ml – Embellish Your Kitchen – No Spill – Large Enough for 4 to 5 Cups of Tea – Rust Free Mesh Infuser

Welcome to bobuCuisine!
bobuCusine is an innovative kitchenware brand that prides itself on producing stunning products with affordable prices while providing an amazing buying experience.
Moving out? New condo? New space? Let’s us rock your kitchen with our awesome new products!

*Our stunning teapot offers handcrafted charm and comes with a chic black matching cozy that keeps tea warm much longer.
*It is constructed of hand blown glass and is dishwasher safe.
*It includes a stainless steel infuser so you can view the steeping process as it takes place.
*Simply place tea leaves inside the insert, then fill the pot with hot water and place the infuser inside the pot.
*Allow tea leaves to steep for as long as you like, depending upon your personal preferences.

The pot is made of high quality glass and durable plastic.
*The tea cozy is black to match the pot and comes with a heavy duty zipper with large pull so it’s quick to remove.
*The black plastic lid is attached to the handle so that you’ll never lose it. It easily lifts up out of the way when you need to clean the pot.

Get fresh, delicious tea every time with our stunning tea pot and matching cozy.
*The sleek spherical design will complement your kitchen and look amazing sitting on your countertops.
*Now you can enjoy a refreshing cup of tea whenever you like with our beautiful stylish teapot and back cozy.
*Wipe glass pot clean with damp rag if desired. Also dishwasher safe.

Our mission with bobuCuisine is to create stunning, affordable products with stylish designs to make your kitchen look great.
*We’ve succeeded with your NEW Glass Tea Pot Globe. This is why we can offer a lifetime warranty.

You will LOVE your new tea pot, ORDER TODAY!

Product Features

  • PREMIUM HAND BLOWN 1200ml BOROSILICATE GLASS CONTAINER that is heatproof and strong yet lightweight; Large enough for 4 to 5 cups of tea.g yet lightweight; Large enough for 4 to 5 cups of tea.
  • NO SPILL WITH SECURED TOP the cover was deliberately created to stay secured when pouring tea, no mess yet it’s easy to remove when adding tea. Unique tea pot design allows you to see the tea changing colors
  • LOOKS BEAUTIFUL ON YOUR TABLE It has an insulated, sturdy black plastic frame made to last. Easy to wipe clean and durable for many years of delicious cups of tea. Includes removable 18/8 stainless-steel mesh infuser insert for steeping loose tea leaves. Mesh infuser is rust-free with impressive design.
  • STYLISH BLACK MATCHING BLACK TEA COZY with zipper (can be machine-washed) to keep your tea hot for an extra-long time. No need for reheating. Chic design, and it resists stains and odors plus it’s dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
  • ORDER NOW WITH 100% RISK FREE – We pride ourselves on offering amazing products and back that up with our warranty. If you’re not happy with your tea pot, neither are we – and that’s why we offer a NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND/OR EASY PRODUCT REPLACEMENT. Order today with total peace of mind. See more product description below for added information.

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