Swiss Luxx 1 Litre 650W Low Wattage Cordless Kettle

Swiss Lux is a complete range of low wattage camping and caravaning electrical items. This range of products has been specially developed specifically to offer energy efficiency which will benefit you whilst on site with your Caravan or Motorhome. 1 Litre Cordless White Kettle, Includes a safety lid and high quality Stainless Steel Heating Element. This kettle also has a handy dry boiling protection and has and auto cut-off to prevent damage. ON/OFF switch indicator light and a powerful 650W element.

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2 Responses to Swiss Luxx 1 Litre 650W Low Wattage Cordless Kettle

  1. Revd R. B. Miller says:

    Well pleased with this product. This seems to me to be an excellent purchase. I chose it because it has a low wattage consumption. Just had solar panels installed and it means that our electricity bills are substantially reduced by using lower wattage machines etc. It does take some time to heat but I expected that. I looked at many other kettles and read a number of damning reviews of some others around but I felt that this one from reviews of other kettles made by this firm seemed to be the most reliable. Just pay…

  2. Gillian says:


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