Swan SK261050EBN Retro Eternal Beau Jug Kettle with 3kW Rapid Boil, 1.7 Litre, Cream

The ultra-stylish 1.7 litre Eternal Beau Pattern Jug Kettle from iconic housewares brand Swan is perfect for those who like to make a statement with their interior design choices. Bold without being overbearing, this appliance is not just a pretty face and offers an effective, economical solution to brewing up as you’ll get plenty of cups out of just one boil. Its cordless design means it’s easily moved around the kitchen or office and a 360 degree base means you can return it to its station without any hassle. A rear water gauge is on hand to ensure that you only use as much water as is needed and a removable, washable filther ensures that your cuppas remain as fresh as can be after multiple uses.

Product Features

  • Generous 1.7 litre Capacity meaning you’ll get more than 8 cups out of just one boil
  • Cordless design, Easy Pour and 360 degree base, ideal for left or right handed users
  • 3kW Rapid Boil for optimum efficiency along with automatic cut out and boil dry protection
  • The unique Eternal Beau design is sure to make a statement in any kitchen
  • Swan provides 2 year guarantee

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3 Responses to Swan SK261050EBN Retro Eternal Beau Jug Kettle with 3kW Rapid Boil, 1.7 Litre, Cream

  1. Anonymous says:

    in the last few years I bought 3 green kettles all broke after warranty ended from other places. Seen this I was giving upon green then in seen this wen i was looking for something else, so thought why not it half the price I paid for others and even with extended warranty for 4 years it was still a lot cheaper so got it in yes green again it arrived and I was pleasantly surprised was little small than others I had bought but it matched perfectly, it lovely not dull looking but very nice so…

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