Stainless Steel Kettle 3 Litre Induction Pot/Whistling Kettle Whistling Kettle Violet

Ensure you get a secure and clean food, you should necessarily to a standard cooking in a plastic water in the kettle. As well as previously it is recommended a kettle for the water temperature. This kettle have set is high quality 4VA Stainless Steel, which makes the whistling kettle not only completely neutral in taste, but also for all types of cooker. So you can use the stainless steel whistling kettle on induction, electric, halogen, gas and ceramic hobs.
With its capacity of 3 litres, the whistling kettle provides enough capacity for the whole family and thanks to the perfect retro design and the different colours makes the kettle to any kitchen. In order to ensure that the whistling kettle also include his name to come, the rising water vapour treatment makes a whistling noise and signals the end of the cooking process. Allows you to make the kettle for easy cleaning, such as a normal kettle descale. Why not give us a try… you will taste the difference.
This kettle is available in the colours: red, green, blue or purple. – Retro kettle made from stainless steel
– Capacity: 3 litres
– It is suitable for all types of hobs: – Suitable for use with induction hobs, ceramic, halogen, gas, oven,
– Acoustic cooking signal through pipe
– Removable lid make it easy to clean
– Water doesn’t have any contact to plastic – completely neutral in taste – cool touch – Hand Grip Glove for Cold Conditions
– Assorted colours: green, blue, purple (Purple) or red – Base Diameter: 18.5 cm Total Length: 23 cm, height: 23 cm

Product Features

  • Stainless steel kettle 3.0 L Capacity – Various Colours
  • Unique finish – Auslaufender Übergangseffekt
  • Suitable for all types of cookers, including induction
  • Water has no contact to plastic, which makes you will receive a cleanly and safely food
  • Removable lid for easy cleaning – Material: stainless steel

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