Sotya Best Teakettle Whistling Stainless Steel stove top Teapot 2.75 Quart Tea Kettle Pot Stovetop,1 free detachable anti-hot gloves and 1 Infuser Included (Champagne Color)


Beautiful And Comfortable Design:with elegant champagne color, Sotya whistling tea kettle is your best choice to fit any style kitchen.
Food-Grade SUS304 Stainless Steel: Healthy and BPA/Teflon-Free,SUS304 Stainless steel has no coating, no heavy metals, no harmful materials under high temperature.
Automatic Whistling: Security Alarm, whistling when boiled, the whole process of boiling water brings you safety.There is a whistling water line inside the kettle,if the water is over the whistling water line, it will affect the whistling effect, so please know the water line before boiling water.
One Button Switch: With a gently lift, the spout opens easily, healthy and convenient.
Thickered 3-Layer Capsule Bottom: Durable, heating faster, heating evenly, saving energy.

Maintenance of the Tea Kettle
1.Before your first use, put some water in it for boiling, after boiled pour it out, then use running water clean it again.
2.Pay attention that the water capacity never exceeds the inside whistling water line when put water for boiling.
3.If put corrosion-easily beverage like milk in the teakettle, please clean it asap after use.
4.Clean the tea kettle regularly: Edible vinegar into the water, then boiled it, pour it out then use running water clean it.
5.Please keep the inside dry if you don’t use it.
6.To guarantee the lifespan of the tea kettle, Small or Middle fire is suggested when boiling water on the open fire.

Product Features

  • ☆【Stylish Design】: you would fall in love with it at your first sight as it is gentle design and beautiful champagne color
  • ☆【Drink Safely】: our Soyta tea kettle is 100% teflon-free and BPA-free, Food grade SUS304 stainless steel makes it function more strongly in rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
  • ☆【USE Safely】: automatic whistling when water is boiled,which brings you and your family safe.thickered pot body makes it more durable and sturdy.multi-layer capsule bottom has High thermal conductivity which can shorten water-boiled time and longer lifespan.
  • ☆【Sutable for various stoves】: Electric stoves,Gas stoves,Electric ceramic heater,Induction cooker,Halogen stove.Attention that don’t boil water on gas stove on large fire,as the teakettle is made by the whole stainless steel,open large fire will make the teakettle too hot to handle.Although there is an anti-hot gloves,we still suggest you boiled water use small fire.
  • ☆【Detachable anti-hot gloves】: before boiling water, take off the anti-hot gloves, after boiled,cover it on the handle, so you never need to worry about the hot issue of the handle.

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2 Responses to Sotya Best Teakettle Whistling Stainless Steel stove top Teapot 2.75 Quart Tea Kettle Pot Stovetop,1 free detachable anti-hot gloves and 1 Infuser Included (Champagne Color)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful shiny kettle It looks lovely because the stainless steel on this kettle is shiny! Four stars because the ergonomic design of the handle is just ok. They do provide a rubber sleeve that you attach, and a small knob that you put on your finger when you pour. If you don’t use either one, you would need to use a stove mitten so you won’t get burned. For any kettle we always use a stove mitten. I think the ergonomic design of the handle could have been better. It’s round. If the handle was not round but…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pretty kettle. EDITED — Cute and pretty tea kettle but the “anti hot” handle does not do its job … took the kettle off to pour and had to put it back down immediately again. I spoke with the seller who informed me that using the rapid boil on my gas stove may indeed make the handle a little warm and recommended that I use a slightly lower setting. I did that and it’s sorted out now 🙂 glad they reached out to me otherwise I would have been annoyed that it was hot. I wish it would work with rapid boil, but…

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