SMEG KLF02 Kettle Variable Temperature cadillac pink/lacquered/ 7 temperature levels/integrated heating element

The retro SMEG KLF02 Kettle Variable Temperature was created by Italian home appliance brand Smeg.

Smeg is a label instantly synonymous with technological innovation, high quality and sustainability. Established in Italy, they’ve utilised their expert knowledge of the home appliance market, creating a range of products that are functional and incredibly stylish. The SMEG KLF02 Kettle Variable Temperature is no exception, offering a bold, eye-catching aesthetic as well as a reliable design.

Crafted in a vintage 1950s style, the SMEG KLF02 Kettle Variable Temperature is sleek, compact and perfect for adding a touch of contemporary glamour to your kitchen. Crafted from vibrantly painted stainless steel, this charming kettle can hold 1.7 litres. One of its most unique features is the innovative seven temperature settings. Ranging from 50 °C to 100 °C, the water can be heated to your desired temperature, ensuring this appliance is both convenient and energy saving. There’s also a handy ‘keep warm’ function that does just that, keeping your water warm for around 20 minutes. This a perfect feature for the busy who find themselves having to boil the kettle more than once…

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