Russell Hobbs 25070 My Breakfast Electric Kettle, 2200 W, 1.7 Litre, White/Black

Product Features

  • 2200W, ice white and midnight black monochrome 1.7L kettle, fits perfectly with any kitchen
  • Easy view water window to ensure you have just the amount you need
  • 360° base with integrated cord storage to fit around the style of your kitchen, while making ease of use for both right and left hand users
  • Illuminating indicator light on switch when boiling
  • 2 year guarantee plus 1 year when you register the product online

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3 Responses to Russell Hobbs 25070 My Breakfast Electric Kettle, 2200 W, 1.7 Litre, White/Black

  1. C. FULLER-HALE says:

    Great modern looking kettle… I’m a big fan of Russell Hobbs and over the years have had many of their products. It is good to see them changing styles to meet modern tastes whilst keeping the quality that the brand is ultimately known for. We are big believers in only boiling the amount of water you need for the job. This 1.7 litre kettle is a good size for us and the water level indicator is very useful. The kettle has a matching toaster too. Very pleased as this kettle does not take too much room and the lead reaches the…

  2. elsie purdon says:

    My Breakfast Kettle A lightweight plastic kettle. It is very easy to pick up and carry ideal for anyone frail or with weak muscles.There is a plastic window gauge to see how much water is in there. Enough for a cuppa or the need to refill.The tea I made using the kettle had a plastic taste. I drink herbal teas, it might not be so obvious in a builders tea? But also it might disappear in time. I have had other kettles like this and the taste never really went even after boiling and soaking…

  3. Pacem et amorem says:

    Super kettle I wasn’t sure if I’d like a white kettle, although admittedly this is a white and black kettle. I think the advent of coloured and silver finish kettles has pushed the white kettle out as the colour of choice which it was when I was little. What makes this kettle great for me is that, unlike my recent coloured or silver kettles from Russell Hobbs, this one has both a gauge to measure how much water you’ve put in but also a light to say the kettle is in use! I could cope without the gauge but…

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