Russell Hobbs 21886 Legacy Quiet Boil Electric Kettle, 3000 W, 1.7 liters, Black

Combining traditional styling with modern functionality the Russell Hobbs Legacy Kettle is modelled on the iconic original K1 Kettle, yet its range of features fixes it firmly in the 21st century. Be it with friends or family, a morning wake me up or a mid-day pick me up everybody loves a good brew and the Legacy Kettle lets you do it in stylish way. Thanks to the rapid boil feature you are able to enjoy your cups of tea much quicker than many standard kettles making it the perfect kettle for when you need a brew and quickly. The 1.7L Capacity lets you make more hot drinks at once without the need to refill, perfect for when you are entertaining.

Product Features

  • Features quiet boil technology, perfect for those who value peace with their brew, reducing the boiling noise by up to 70%* when tested against other Russell Hobbs kettles without quiet boil technology
  • Rapid boil zones for easy measurability with one cup taking only 45 seconds to boil** **one cup is equal to 235ml of water
  • Removable, washable filter to remove impurities for a cleaner brew
  • 360ᵒ base with cord storage for easy accessibility that fits around your kitchen
  • 2 year guarantee plus 1 year when you register the product online

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2 Responses to Russell Hobbs 21886 Legacy Quiet Boil Electric Kettle, 3000 W, 1.7 liters, Black

  1. Craddock Edwards from Bristol says:

    Full Steam ahead with less noise……than other Russell & Hobbs Kettles! ”Good morning Mr Hobbs, what great ideas have you come up with?””Morning Russell, I’ve come up with a quiet kettle.Seventy percent less noise than other kettles””Fantastic Hobbs, You took it to a private testing laboratory…….or one of these university places, they do alot of scientific comparison work?””No, no Russell, I just got a couple of the lads to boil up one each of all our kettles and they told me that our Legacy Stainless Steel, three thousand…

  2. Eugene Onegin says:

    Retro Chic with Modern Features Many people will buy this kettle for the look of it and understandably so as it has splendid Fifties/Sixties rounded lines with a cut off spout and nice detailing on the switches alongside a shiny cream body. If you have a kitchen of this style or period then this kettle will add to it-it is a genuinely pleasing and satisfying design. However as we know looks are not everything-how does it work as a kettle? Very well on the whole you get a decent 1.7 litre capacity, a water gauge with…

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