Russell Hobbs 18554 Brita Filter Kettle

Russell Hobbs 18554 – 18554 Brita Purity Kettle – Brita Purity Kettle Blue Illumination 1L Capacity 2 Year Warranty

Product Features

  • 3000 watts, 1 litre boil capacity
  • 1 LED blue illumination on boil
  • Includes one Brita filter, cartridge and memo counter
  • Opaque plastic with brushed stainless steel accents
  • Power on switch

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3 Responses to Russell Hobbs 18554 Brita Filter Kettle

  1. OrangeGem~ says:

    Does the job, slightly large and noisy I bought the kettle through amazon prime, and it arrived the next day. I must say the pictures make the kettle look more flattering than it does on my kitchen counter, it is larger than I expected, and from experience the on/off button is in a funny position. However, I love the filtering system. I live in an area where there is always noticeable and sometimes `tastable’ limescale in our tap water. We don’t even drink tap water anymore due to this. I could definitely see the difference that the…

  2. Romreader says:

    Russell Hobbs 18554 Brita Filta Kettle The Russell Hobbs purity Kettle with Brita Filter cartridge included is fast quiet economical. The filter has to be soaked in water before putting into the kettle and has a life time of 1 month which is measured by an indicator which is set at the time of inputing the cartridge.It looks cool when it is in use as a blue light illuminates.The base has a 360 degree rotation which is handy if one person is left handed and the other is right allowing the handle to be positioned to the person using…

  3. Tim Roast says:

    Good for small kitchens This product has a base attached to the electricity cord. The kettle is cordless, but it is different to your standard kettle because this one is basically two separate appliances (filter jug and kettle) in one so it saves space, which is good for a small kitchen if you want to have both of these.The look is nice, stainless steel and see-through plastic. And when it is boiling the blue LED light lights it up to give it a very modern feel and is a nice feature.Basically…

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