Queensense Electric Glass Kettle 1.0 Liter Blue LED Illuminated Portable Office Use Pure Glass Cordless Auto Power Off Stainless Steel Quick Boil Tea Jug Kettle -Double Wall -GK1201D


Looking for a Fashionable Electric Jug Kettle?
Then Queensense style glass electric kettle must be a good choice for you.
With water level gauge, healthier washable filter and large water capacity, this kettle offers a chic and efficient way to boil water helping you to enjoy a cup of morning coffee or tea every day.

*Warning: Please read the manual and operating instructions carefully before using this kettle. Discard the first use of boiling water to remove any dust and residues from the manufacturing process.
The water filter of our product is different from others’. It is demountable and easy for customers to clean. If it is not put in the right angle, it may fall off from the lid. But it is easy to put.

In addition, when customers close the lid, it’s better to press the top of the lid to make sure it is closed fully.

Especially for Home Use
Material: Glass+ PP
Color: White+ Transparent
Plug Type: UK plug
Capacity: 1.0L
Rated Voltage: 220~240V
Rated Frequency: 50-60HZ
Rated Power: 1351W
Wire Length: 70-75cm
Base Diameter: 16cm / 6.30 inches
Item Size: Approx. 26 * 16 * 16cm / 10.23 * 6.30 * 6.30in
Item Weight: Approx. 1.5kg
Package Weight: Approx. 2.2kg / 4.85lb
Package Size: Approx. 30 * 18.4 * 18.4cm / 11.81 * 7.24 * 7.24 inches

Package List:
1 * Kettle
1 * Base
1 * Manual

Product Features

  • IMPORTANT:Please read the following contents carefully before purchasing. THANK YOU!
  • Product Material: High Borosilicate Glass- Baby bottles are usually made of such glass. It is anti-hot and is not easy to break. It looks a little like plastic, but not plastic at all.The material does not have any plastic smell and other odors, and the weight of the kettle itself proves that it is a glass kettle.
  • How to Remove Scale: Use professional detergent, coke or vinegar to soak the kettle for half a day, and then use a cloth or towel to clean the kettle with water. If you have any doubt or difficulty in removing the scale, please contact us. We will try our best to help you to solve the problems.
  • After-Sales Service: If you meet any problems of the kettle within in 6 months after you receive it, please contact us. If we did not solve your problem, we will provide unconditional return service.
  • Scale Problem: The kettle itself will NEVER produce scale. Because of the hard water quality, the water scale will be generated after boiling water. Sometimes we do not see scale on the stainless steel kettles scale but it does not mean that there is no scale. Instead, scale attached to the stainless steel surface does not seem obvious. However, due to the transparent glass surface, a little impurity will makes the kettle body a little bit dirty. Although there will be a little impact on beauty, it can help you determine if the quality of water is good or not.

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3 Responses to Queensense Electric Glass Kettle 1.0 Liter Blue LED Illuminated Portable Office Use Pure Glass Cordless Auto Power Off Stainless Steel Quick Boil Tea Jug Kettle -Double Wall -GK1201D

  1. Jeff Bezos s adopted son says:

    Excellent kettle 🙂 Been using this since July 2017 and I’m very pleased with my purchase 🙂 Comes with UK plug and the build quality is very good. I wanted a kettle that was glass with minimal contact to plastic. This one fitted the bill. Even the underside to the lid was stainless steel which is very rare for a kettle at this price point. I would whole heartedly recommend this kettle :)Also, my order was severely delayed and the customer service was very prompt and helpful which was a very pleasant…

  2. Regular Amazon customer says:

    Unreliable. I regret buying this kettle and am now on Amazon to replace it after less than 3 months. The lid does not close easily and needs a push down every time. The first time I discovered this I had put the kettle on and walked away. The kettle boiled and boiled until I returned to a steamed kitchen and damaged top kitchen cupboard door !! I learned to live with it and got used to having to give it a good heavy pat to shut the lid. The problem is different 3 visitors over the Christmas break also put…

  3. Carl A says:

    The LED lights create a beautiful effect as the water boils The glass kettle looks classy and elegant in my kitchen. The LED lights create a beautiful effect as the water boils, so it certainly isn’t an eyesore! The water boils fairly quickly and pours okay. The plastic of the handle and lid is never in contact with the water when it’s boiling, so there’s no concern with any chemicals intermingling with my water. The water doesn’t have any unpleasant aftertastes either. I’ve used it for a while now and the kettle has been fine. The base comes with a UK…

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