Qettle Instant Hot / Boiling & Cold Filtered Water 2 Way Kitchen Tap System

Forget your kettle… And forget buying expensive, bulky bottled water, too! This clever mini tap dispenses near boiling water and great-tasting filtered water. Its neat boiler tank and compact filter cartridge housing unit fits underneath your sink, whilst the tap itself can be fitted alongside your main kitchen tap or alternatively, beside a separate sink. This is a complete, warrantied system that includes the tap, the compact boiler tank and the filter cartridge housing, plus filter cartridge. All fixings and fittings are also included – and installation couldn’t be easier; it’s a straightforward job for a plumber. Each Mini Tap System comes with a detailed installation guide and of course, the Qettle customer support team are on hand for your technical queries.

Product Features

  • KETTLE HOT Water is dispensed at just under 100 degrees – PERFECT for making instant hot drinks, blanching vegetables and speeding up cooking pasta, rice and noodles.
  • NO NEED to wait for the kettle to boil; just INSTANT HOT WATER whenever you need it. SAVE ENERGY and only ever use the hot water you require. Min water pressure 2 bar/29psi, max water pressure 4 bar/58psi.
  • FITS EASILY under your kitchen sink cupboard. Tank Dimensions 20cm wide x 22cm deep x 31cm high; Tank capacity 2.4 litres; Heating up time 20 minutes; Recovery time 10 minutes; Tank voltage 230V, Power 1350W, Load 10A.
  • FILTER CARTRIDGE removes chlorine from cold drinking water and PROTECTS the tap’s heater tank against limescale deposits. Simply replace the filter cartridge every 6 months (Filter Cartridge Q08 RRP £26.95).
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. Qettle system comes with all fixtures and fittings, is easy to install and comes with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY.

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3 Responses to Qettle Instant Hot / Boiling & Cold Filtered Water 2 Way Kitchen Tap System

  1. marie m. says:

    Great customer service from supplier it was missing a tube … This tap is great if you need hot water quickly, for cooking and for drinks, but you’d like a bit more worktop space. Not had it long enough to see if it’s made a difference to the energy bills but I imagine it will have done. I considered getting a timer switch so it could be heated up ready in the mornings and for returning home from work, but it heats up so much quicker than they said it would, I didn’t bother. The customer service is also really good. The original one they sent had a fault…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    Five Stars

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