Pour Over Coffee Maker (Medium, Standard)

Enjoy better coffee

The Coffee Gator pour over coffee maker helps your beans deliver maximum flavour.

Why Pour Over Coffee?

Short answer: because it’s awesome.

Long answer:

• Makes amazing coffee with minimum fuss.
• Using a slow, steady stream of water at the right temperature makes the best use of the natural aromas, oils and flavours of your brew.
• Brighter and cleaner taste than French press method, and less dangerous than a stove-top percolator and just in a different league of taste to machine drip.
• Easy to clean.
• Makes you look cool – Impress your friends. If you don’t have any this product will gain you some new ones 🙂


Product Features

  • DON’T MISS OUT. We are selling this new Pour Over Coffee Pot at a SPECIAL discount price during our launch on Amazon. We cannot guarantee the cost won’t be higher next time you check. Take advantage of this introductory offer now.
  • ENJOY YOUR COFFEE AT ITS BEST – The pour over method highlights every delicious note and aroma. Drink great coffee AND become a cooler person (!). It’s fast, easy and impresses everyone.
  • HELP THE ENVIRONMENT. Other products force you to buy constantly buy paper filters. This laser-cut reusable steel filter allows your brew to retain the delicious flavors and oils which paper filters steal away. Say YES to lower costs and helping the environment.
  • CHEAP ALTERNATIVES DON’T LAST. Coffee Gator is committed to quality and customer service. Don’t waste your money on cheaper imitations.
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE Backed by our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE **Very intelligent people typically hit ‘add to cart’ at this point 😉

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  1. Sid Lydon says:

    This makes my mouth happy!

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