POUR OVER Coffee Kettle 1.2L – Stop Burning Your Beans – THERMOMETER Built-in by Coffee Gator – For Perfect Hand Drip Coffee

Never burn your coffee again.

The built in thermometer makes it easy to get the perfect temperature every time!

Boiling water scorches your coffee and ruins flavor. Water that’s too cold won’t brew properly and will leave you with a flat, tasteless drink.

Everyday kettles are the enemy of drip/pour over coffee. Water cannot be poured smoothly, it will splash and pour quickly – water does not have time to absorb the subtle flavors of your coffee grind. This kettle’s gooseneck design gives a smooth and even pour for a coffee that is guaranteed to improve your day.

Why Pour Over Coffee?

Short answer: because it’s awesome.

Long answer:

• Makes amazing coffee with minimum fuss.
• Using a slow, steady stream of water at the right temperature makes the best use of the natural aromas, oils and flavours of your brew.
• Brighter and cleaner taste than French press method, and less dangerous than a stove-top percolator and just in a different league of taste to machine drip.
• Easy to clean.
• Makes you look cool – Impress friends. If you have no friends Coffee Gator will help win you new ones 😉


Product Features

  • ***DON’T MISS OUT. We are selling at a SPECIAL discount price during our launch on Amazon.com. We cannot guarantee the cost won’t be higher next time you check.
  • POUR OVER IS BEST – Drink great coffee AND become a cooler person (real talk). It’s fast, easy and impresses everyone. YOUR AVERAGE KETTLE WON’T CUT IT – For great pour over you need a smooth and precise water flow – this model’s gooseneck design takes care of it .
  • DON’T BURN YOUR BEANS – Water that’s too hot scorches your expensive beans. If it’s too cold the coffee won’t brew properly. Our temperature gauge eliminates guesswork. Make it perfect.
  • BEWARE OF CHEAP IMITATIONS Coffee Gator uses premium workmanship and surgical-grade stainless steel for its hand drip coffee kettle. It can be used for induction, halogen, gas or electric ranges. *Please note that this kettle holds 1.2 litre but boiling at full capacity risks overflow.
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE Backed by our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Buy now and get our FREE eBook – “10 hacks for better coffee”. **Very intelligent people typically hit ‘add to cart’ at this point 😉

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