Pendeford 2 Litre Whistling Kettle, Green

The Pendeford kettle is a versatile kettle which is ideal for the enthusiastic camper, caravanner or even if you are outdoors or on a work-site and just need a warm drink!
Features: – Heat resistant handle
– Whistling cap to tell when the water has boiled
– Light weight
– Suitable for gas and radiant electric rings
– Ideal for camping or caravans
– Capacity: 2L

Product Features

  • 2 litre
  • whistling kettle
  • ideal for camping or caravans
  • light weight
  • colourful

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2 Responses to Pendeford 2 Litre Whistling Kettle, Green

  1. Shaya says:

    kettle This is a very good little camping kettle. Cheap and cheerful but good enough for camping. Very thin base so doesn’t take hours to boil, but not fast by any means, faster than most though. Handle stays cool and the flip spout cover has a lever so you don’t burn your fingers. Pours well enough and fills ok (if you use a jug as those water carriers are not the best at pouring!)My whistle fell out on the first day otherwise would have given it 5*’s but what does it matter, it doesn’t…

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