Hamilton Beach Compact Glass Kettle, 1 Liter (40930)

A shortage of storage space shouldn’t prohibit you from the convenience of an electric kettle. With the 1-liter design of the Hamilton Beach compact glass kettle, it’s quick and easy to enjoy tea, pour-over Coffee, hot chocolate, soups and more in minutes, without compromising valuable counter space. Plus, it has an attractive design that looks great in any kitchen. Even though it’s compact, this kettle still packs a lot of features. With 1500 watts, it can boil water faster than a microwave, and is safer to use than a stovetop kettle. When the water reaches a boil, the kettle will automatically turn off, which helps keep it from boiling dry. The kettle lifts right off the base without the cord, making serving at the table a snap. A stay-cool handle, push-button lid and easy-pour spout makes filling and serving easy, maximizing the functionality of this powerful but space-saving kettle.

Product Features

  • FAST AND SAFE HOT WATER: Kettle is faster for preparing up to 1 liter of hot water than a microwave and safer than a stovetop kettle.
  • MODERN DESIGN: Glass sides with stainless steel accents will look great on your countertop without taking up too much space.
  • AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF: Boil-dry protection means the kettle will turn itself off when water is hot and ready to serve, making it safer than the stovetop.
  • CORD-FREE SERVING: The kettle lifts off the base for easy serving.
  • SOFT BLUE ILLUMINATION: Interior LED lights illuminate to let you know when hot water is on the way and automatically shuts off when it boils.

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Electric Kettle, 100% Stainless Steel Water Kettle Tea Kettle, 1.6L 1500W Cordless Electric Water Kettle Fast Heating, Food-Grade Material, Boil Dry Protection & Automatic Shutoff

The electric kettle made of food grade stainless steel, water level indicator, 360 degrees swivel base and anti-hot handle, our teakettle is friendly designed totally. All of this will help the users do it better and protect users from hurt. What is more, the water kettle is made from ALL FOOD GRADE MATERIAL, and is FDA approved, please feel free to enjoy the water. This is the most friendly and safe choice for your family.

Unlike other products that are mass produced by modern machinery, our electric kettles are handmade, crafted by very experienced craftsmen. This is an artwork more than a teakettle. With this kettle, it is so pleasant to enjoy a cup of tea and several toasts in a sunny morning, that is an elegant kind of lifestyle.

The electric kettle power is 120v voltage and 1500W wattage. Please work on the socket that meets the requirements.
When the water is boiled, pay attention to be careful of the lid and water vapor. When take off the metal cover, you can cover it with a cloth and carefully remove it.
The handle is made of high quality plastic and can be used for anti-scalding. If it is made of stainless steel, the water that has just been boiled will be hot.
The kettle base is made of plastic, and the plastic acts as an insulator, and the metal will transfer heat. If the stainless steel material is hot and dangerous, the kettle base on the market is made of plastic.
ASCOT is a professional brand providing Home appliance and famous of after-sales service. We offer a FREE REPLACEMENT POLICY without any costs from your side and 2-YEAR WARRANTY, totally no risk for you!

Product Features

  • 【QUICK BOILING】Ascot cordless electric kettle utilizes advanced heating technology and 1500W concealed heating element to ensure fast and efficient heating, the water will be ready within 5 MINUTES whenever you need it. This makes your life more convenient and save you a lot of time.
  • 【100% FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL】Designed with ALL FOOD GRADE stainless steel, this tea kettle is perfect for anyone who is looking for a water kettle without any non-food grade material contacting the water. Cordless technology allows for hassle-free pouring, 360 degree Swivel Base is easy for one-hand grabbing from any direction. Cord wraps around base is designed for easy storage. What is more, three skidproof rubbers will prevent the water kettle moving on declining or wet flat.
  • 【AUTO SHUTOFF & BOIL DRY PROTECTION】Equipped with auto boil shut off and dry boil protection, this electric kettle allows for automatic shut off when the water temperature has reached boiling point and the function prevents the cordless electric kettle from heating up when empty. Either internal or external water level indicator helps you fill water easier. Safer alternative to stove top kettles.
  • 【UNIQUE DESIGN AND EXCELLENT LOOKING】All ASCOT kettles are equipped with a removable, washable filter which helps keep your water kettle clean and your water pure. Our water kettles are handmade, the quality of this electric kettle is outstanding as the ability of our experienced craftsman has been taken up for about three generations. They keep the craftsmanship spirit in their heart, therefore, the production of this kettle is slow.
  • 【YOUR INVESTMENT IS FULLY GUARANTEED】We are confident that our tea kettles are manufactured under strict quality standards to give our customers best experience. ASCOT is a professional brand providing Home appliance and famous of after-sales service. For any problems, you can contact us and we will reply you immediately to solve all of your worries. In addition, we offer a FREE REPLACEMENT POLICY without any costs from your side and 2-YEAR WARRANTY, totally no risk for you!

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Pour Over Drip Kettle Stainless Steel With Precision Gooseneck spout for amazing water flow control. Ideal for pour over coffee and tea – 0.9L capacity

Here’s How To Turn An Ordinary Cup Of Coffee Into A Brewing Ritual!
Dear Coffee Aficionado,
This is for you.
We, at Olive Kube have designed the perfect kettle for your perfect coffee experience!

Beauty Is In The Details.

Our prestigious pour over drip kettle is made out of 100% high quality 18-8 stainless steel, which makes it extremely durable and versatile.

The kettle is super corrosion resistant and it has a large opening on top for easy cleaning.

In addition, the low down placement of the spout means that the lid will not fall over and you don’t have to worry about that too.

This elite kettle keeps the perfect temperature for boiling water and lays the foundation for what is to come.

And Then There Was The Sawn’s Neck Spout.

As you know, the secret to a perfect cup of coffee is how the water is poured.

This creates the right conditions, under which the coffee is brewed.

The delicate and carefully crafted skinny swan’s neck spout releases a thin trickle over your coffee that ensures the right texture and aroma.

It offers you extreme precision and impressive flow control. We have made sure it faithfully responds to your every maneuver and the water falls directly below the spout, in order to avoid spilling boiling water everywhere.

Finally Own A Kettle You Can Be Proud Of!

The sleek minimalist design and the heavy duty stainless steel frame make this pour over drip kettle the ideal addition to your kitchen. Since, it works on electric, gas, induction and ceramic stoves, you can use it anywhere you are.

Just to Put Your Mind at Ease We Offer You A 2-year No Questions Asked Warranty!

So, Why Wait Any Longer? Click Add To Cart Now!

P.S. For A Limited Amount Of Time, We Are Offering This Prestigious Kettle At An Amazing Discount! Take advantage Of It Now!

Product Features

  • ISN’T IT TIME YOU HAD THE PERFECT CUP OF COFFEE? – If the answer is yes, then you should look no further! The breath-taking, minimalist, pour over drip kettle by OliveKube is here to help you enjoy a perfectly brewed coffee or herbal tea. Due to its compelling design and unmatched performance, no coffee aficionado should live without it! Every cup of coffee will become a part of a soothing ritual and the results are going to be unparalleled!
  • THE SECRET IS IN THE DELICATE GOOSENECK SPOUT! – Every true coffee enthusiast knows that the secret of brewing the perfect cup is how the water is poured! Our carefully crafted swan’s neck spout has the ideal shape and angle for the perfect flow. It produces a slow, steady stream of boiling water, without creating bubbles, and it faithfully responds to your every manoeuvre. All you have to do now is just sit back and enjoy the irresistible taste of a perfectly brewed coffee.
  • UPLIFT YOUR COFFEE AS WELL AS YOUR KITCHEN DÉCOR! – The sexy and minimalist design of the OliveKube pour over drip kettle is what makes it so captivating. This impressive looking kettle is made of premium 18-8 stainless steel that keeps the ideal brewing water temperature. The long skinny gooseneck spout and the unique handle make it look so elegant and sophisticated, that you can leave it on your stove for visitors to admire.
  • A CLASSICALLY SIMPLE KETTLE THAT IS SIMPLY CLASSIC. – Our sensational stainless steel kettle offers incredible corrosion resistance and unmatched versatility. You can use it on electric, gas, induction and ceramic stoves without any worries. The low down placement of the spout means that the lid will not fall over and the large opening is ideally sized for easy cleaning and washing. In other words, it’s the kettle that will make you enjoy brewing your own coffee again.
  • 100% PERFECT COFFEE OR YOUR MONEY BACK. – We, at Olive Kube know how important it is for coffee aficionados to have the best kettle for their morning rituals. As a result, we have done our best to provide you with a timeless kettle to uplift you coffee experience. But if you are not 100% satisfied, we offer a 2-year, no questions asked, warranty to set your mind at ease.

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Ovente KP72P 1.7 L BPA-Free Electric Kettle, Fast Heating Cordless Water Boiler, Illuminated, Pink

Enjoy the cleanest, freshest drinking water in a flash

The Ovente KP72 Series is an attractive, easy-to-use electric kettle that looks great on any kitchen countertop. With 1.7 liter water capacity and 1100-Watts of power, this handy tool can quickly bring water to a rolling boil in less than 6 minutes (at maximum level). In a matter of minutes, hot water will be ready to use for instant coffee, tea, hot cereal, instant macaroni or oatmeal. It is proven to be 50% more efficient than traditional stovetops in reducing your daily electricity use.

Convenient, Safe, and Helps You Become The Healthiest You Can Be

The kettle has a concealed water heating element, so there are zero traces of objectionable mineral deposits such as nickel (a common allergen) found in your drinking water. It also comes with a removable/washable spout filter to ensure the purest results. For convenience, this kettle features a flip-back lid that opens with just one touch for easy filling and cleaning. For safety purposes, it’s equipped with Automatic Shut-Off upon boiling, and Boil-Dry Protection which automatically shuts off the kettle when no water is in the carafe. Additionally, it comes with a secure locking lid, blue LED indicator light, cool-touch button and comfortable stay-cool handle. It’s also easy to store—its 30 inch cord wraps neatly into its base.

-Capacity: 1.7L
-Wattage: 1100W
-Measurements: 8.5 x 6.7 x 9.4 in
-Material: BPA-Free Plastic, Stainless Steel Interior
-Safety: Automatic Shut-Off, Boil-Dry Protection, Stay-Cool Handle and Open Button

Note: Electric kettles may reach boiling faster at higher altitudes due to the fluctuation of boiling points. Because of this, the kettle may not shut off on its own.


Product Features

  • FAST & ECO-FRIENDLY – The Ovente BPA-Free Plastic Cordless Electric Kettle with Stainless Steel Interior boasts 120V, 1100-Watt power and a 1.7-Liter capacity that boils water faster while using far less energy than stovetop kettles.
  • PURE, CLEAN WATER – A concealed heating element prolongs the kettle’s life compared to an exposed heating element which deteriorates faster. It also maintains an attractive aesthetic and keeps harmful metallic chemicals away from your drinking water.
  • EXTRA SAFE – It features Automatic Shut-Off and Boil-Dry Protection Technology to prevent accidents. Its ergonomically-designed handle stays cool, making filling and pouring of water safe and fool-proof.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Removable/washable spout filter guarantees that you’ll always get the freshest, cleanest results. To deep clean, simply mix 3 tbsp vinegar or lemon with water, boil, then let sit for a minimum of 5 hours.
  • COLORFUL, ATTRACTIVE, PRECISE – The Ovente KP72 Series comes in a variety of eye-catching colors: Baby Pink, Green, Brown, Pink, and White. It also features an blue on/off LED light indicator and a clear water level gauge for precise measurements.

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Presto Big Kettle, Black

Premium nonstick finish, inside and out for stick-free cooking and easy cleaning, fully immiscible and dishwasher safe with heat control removed. 120 volts, 60 Hz only

Product Features

  • So versatile, you’ll use it every day; Makes soups, and casseroles; Steams vegetables and rice; cooks pasta; Roasts beef, pork, and poultry
  • Deep fries six servings in handy steam/fry basket; Heavy cast aluminum base for even heat distribution
  • Tempered glass cover; Fully immersible and dishwasher safe with the heat control removed
  • Control Master heat control regulates the desired cooking temperature automatically
  • Versatile basket for steaming, blanching, and deep frying; Basket snaps onto rim of multi-cooker for easy draining

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BBQ Dragon Charcoal Starter and Grill Lighter, BBQ Lighter Grill Fan/Battery-Powered Bellows Faster Than Charcoal Chimney Starter BBQ Fan, Smoker Fan, Charcoal Lighter Weber Kettle Grill Accessory

BBQ dragon fire supercharger: The BBQ dragon is a fire-starting tool so simple and yet revolutionary It reduces the start time of charcoal grills to less than ten minutes and supercharges the starting of all kinds of other fires. It works by blowing large amounts of low-velocity, cool air at the fire. The BBQ dragons sophisticated, high-tech design is the perfect complement to any grill or outdoor kitchen. It’s battery-powered, hands-free, micro-sub rechargeable and looks fantastic. It works on anything charcoal grills, fire pits, fireplaces, wood stoves, smokers, even campfires. Never before has there been a product that so substantially improves Americas most popular past time: Barbecue. The variable speed motor allows you to infinitely control the amount of airflow this amazing control enables fast fire starting, as well as perfect temperature control for grilling. The BBQ dragon is a beautiful blend of contemporary design and advanced technology. It’s powerful, durable, easy-to-use. The sleek stainless steel body stays cool and stands up to tough use. The long, adjustable stainless steel neck allows you position the BBQ dragon to provide air wherever you need it. The amazingly versatile heavy-duty spring-loaded clamp opens wide and attaches to anything the BBQ dragon will change the way you barbecue forever. Our patent pending charcoal tool can start charcoal grills in less than 10 minutes! no more fanning your fire with a plate. Don’t wait 45 minutes for the grill to be ready. Starts a charcoal grill faster than chimneys, electric starters or even chemical starters! allows you to enjoy the superior flavor and aroma of a real charcoal fire every time in no time.

Product Features

  • STARTS CHARCOAL AND FIRES FAST – The BBQ Dragon Fan is the fastest way to start charcoals and to keep fires burning strong. With this fan clipped to the side of your charcoal grill, you’ll be ready to start barbecuing within 10 minutes. This electric bellow is much more effective than blowing air from your mouth, and you won’t get smoky ash in your face.
  • STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION – The main body of this fan is made from sleek stainless steel that stays cool and stands up to tough use. The long, adjustable neck is also made from stainless steel, and it allows you to position the BBQ Dragon Fan to provide air wherever you need it. The fan also has a variable speed motor so you can control the amount of airflow.
  • USE WITH A CHARCOAL CHIMNEY, WOOD STOVE, AND MORE – This fire starter fan has a number of uses both indoors and outdoors. Use it with your charcoal grill, fire pit, fireplace, wood stove, smoker, campfire, ceramic cooker, and kamado-style cooker. It also works exceptionally well to light charcoals when combined with the BBQ Dragon Chimney of Insanity.
  • CLIPS TO ANY GRILL – This electric bellows tool has an amazingly versatile heavy-duty, spring-loaded clamp that opens wide and attaches to any type of grill. It can also be clipped to a number of other objects for placement near a fire pit or wood stove. You can easily change the position of the BBQ Dragon Fan by unclipping it and moving it, or simply by bending the adjustable neck.
  • BATTERY POWERED AND CORDLESS – The BBQ Dragon Fan is completely battery-operated and cordless, meaning that it can be used hands free. Just set it to an appropriate position with the appropriate speed of airflow, and then let it do its job. This allows you to focus on grilling or enjoy the great outdoors. Charge the fan using a micro-USB cable just be sure to insert rechargeable batteries into the fan. Fan needs 4 AA batteries. (Batteries not included)

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Brewberry Cordless Electric Kettle 1.7l, Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, Hot Water Pot w/Auto Shut-Off Function and Boil-Dry Protection, For Office and Home Use, 1.7 Liter

Faster and Safer Heat Up
This top-quality water boiler is better than using a microwave and it boils water quicker than a stovetop kettle. Simply add your desired amount of water and press the led power switch to activate the rapid-boil system. The on/off switch will turn off once the kettle is removed from the baseplate. 

Easy-Pour Spout
The cordless kettle has an easy-pour spout to make sure pouring your water is safer than ever. The stainless-steel spout also contains a scale filter, to ensure you have the best drinking experience possible.

Premium Quality
Our premium electric kettle is comprised of 100% stainless-steel. The sleek metal body is both attractive and durable. Rapid boil water for all your favorite drinks and easy meals. Perfect for green tea, French Press coffee, noodles, hot chocolate, white teas, and instant soup! Note: Only put water inside the kettle.

Safety and Cleaning
This high temp kettle can become too hot to touch, when in use. When the kettle is hot, only touch the cool metal handle. Do not fill the boil pot over the MAX line. Never turn on the device when the metal lid is open. Before cleaning, unplug the power base and let the kettle cool down. Make sure to descale the water jug weekly, by boiling 2/3 cup of water and 1/3 cup of vinegar three times. Let it cool down, dry, then wipe the inside with a soft cloth.

The Brewberry Electric Stainless Steel Water Kettle is warrantied to the original owner for two years from the date of purchase for defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service.

Product Features

  • Take the removable kettle off the power base for easy cord-free serving
  • Large capacity, fast heat-up function, and scale filter for easy pour quality
  • Stylish, modern design. Handle remains cool so there’s no scalding hazard
  • Boil-dry protection detects low water levels and automatically shuts off for safety
  • Brewberry is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We offer a 2 Year Warranty on all our products

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Habor Electric Kettle Water Boiler 1500W Fast Heating Glass Tea Pot, 1.8 Qt(1.7 L) Kettle with Visible Blue LED Lights Bright Glass Body Auto Shut-Off Boil-Dry Protection Stainless Steel Inner Lip

Enjoy More Convenient Life
Habor glass electric kettle rapidly boils up 1.7liter water for 7 minutes. You can take it from the heating base to make any kind of beverage as you want and the 360°visible glass body is perfect for precise repositioning. The water level indicator is also convenient for you to control the amount of water and view the whole heating process clearly.

Enjoy Safer Life
This glass electric kettle is equipped with several safe functions. Built with premium thermostat, it will automatically shut off when water boils and provide boil-dry protection. The anti-slip handle is stay-cool with big holding space. What’s more, the detachable lid and heating bottom are made of 304 food grade stainless steel that not get rusty easily. The kettle meets the FDA standards, and the water won’t get in touch with any plastic during the whole boiling process.

Delightful Decoration
The high borosilicate glass body makes the kettle sleek-looking and fracture resistant. With the soft blue LED light up when heating water, it is a delightful decoration no matter for your family or your office.

Material: High borosilicate glass; SUS 304 stainless steel
Net Weight: 35.86 oz
Package Dimensions (inches): 8.1L×8.0W×12.0H
Capacity: MAX-1.7L, MIN-0.5L

1.Do not immerse the kettle, power cable, power plug or power base into water or other liquids for Electrical Safety.
2. Please clean the kettle before the first use.
3. It is suggested that the kettle should be cleaned regularly in order to reduce scale formation and keep it operating normally.

There are some cleaning tips for the kettle
☞Step①: Fill 0.5L water and a drop of detergent into the kettle, wash the interior of the kettle thoroughly with a sponge and rinse it clean;
☞Step②: Fill 1.5L water, some vinegar or citric acid (such as lemon slice) into the kettle, boil the water and then discard it;
☞Step③: Boil a pot of plain water once or twice and discard it to remove any remaining vinegar odor or taste.

Product Features

  • 【Fast Boiling】With advanced fast heating technology, Habor 1500W Kettle boils water rapidly in approximately 2 minutes at minimum level(0.5L), the time-consuming helper for preparing breakfast or making coffee, tea more quickly than a microwave
  • 【Boil-dry Safety Protection】 Supreme safety is guaranteed by automatic shut-off mechanism activated within around 20 seconds after Habor Cordless Kettle reaches a full boiling; Never worry about overheating thanks to the boil-dry protection
  • 【Healthy & Superior Materials】Habor Glass Electric Kettle is built with high borosilicate glass and food-grade stainless steel materials in the bottom, scratch-resisting and endurable enough for everlasting use; Clean water boiled without harmful substances or unpleasant smell leads you a healthy, safe and comfortable life (Tips: Regular Cleaning is good for your kettle and health)
  • 【Incredible Convenience】A wide mouth on the kettle are convenient for change and clean water; Anti-slip grip handling with ergonomic design ensures comfort and convenience in use
  • 【Gorgeous Design】Beautiful LED indicator works simultaneously with of the Habor Tea Pot; Soft blue light and visible glass design provide you to measure water capacity clearly and appreciate boiling process

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Russell Hobbs Retro Style 1.7L Electric Kettle, Black & Stainless Steel, KE5550BKR

Sleeping in on a rainy day, laughing with friends, sipping a warm cup of tea –it’s the smallest pleasures that bring us the biggest enjoyment. Now you can experience the simple joy of a RUSSELL HOBBS Retro Style Electric Kettle. Whether you’re new to electric kettles or have been enjoying them your entire life, you’ll fall in love with the innovative features of this charming kettle. Not a tea drinker? Quickly boil water for oatmeal, hot cocoa, French press coffee, or instant soup and more.

The retro-style design adds timeless beauty to any kitchen, no matter your kitchen style. Features like durable stainless steel construction with a pull-off lid, drip-free spout, and cool-touch handle make it as practical as it is elegant. The water temperature gauge on the front of the kettle simplifies the process of heating water to precise temperatures. The water level gauge on the rear of the kettle shows markings up to 1.7L, and the inside of the kettle features level markings for quickly boiling 1-3 cups of water. Additionally, the removable anti-scale filter helps prevent mineral buildup from passing through the spout. Enjoy the perfect cup, at the perfect temperature every time. It’s that simple.

Product Features

  • Water Temperature Gauge – Achieve the optimal temperature for all varieties of tea, pour overs, and other recipes. The gauge on the front of the kettle shows the temperature of water inside the kettle, making it easy to stop boiling at the perfect moment.
  • Quick Boil Indicator – Level markings inside the kettle are visible from above, allowing you to accurately fill 1-3 cups of water for fast boiling.
  • Removable, Washable Filter – The filter attaches behind the pour spout to keep lime scale out of your beverages. Removable for easy cleaning.
  • Drip-Free Pouring – The pour spout is designed to prevent dripping by creating a single water stream that keeps the boiled water safely contained.
  • 1.7L Capacity with Level Markings – The large capacity makes this kettle ideal for families and for hosting events. Boil up to 1.7L of water, using the rear-facing water level gauge for accurate filling.

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Tea Lover Gift Sampler Box – Tea of the Month Club Subscription Box – Assorted Loose Leaf Teas – 3 Month Subscription

3 Month Discovery Club – Tea of the Month Subscription Box – Assorted Loose Leaf Teas

Explore the world of loose leaf tea with this Discovery Club subscription box that features a wide variety of flavors, loose leaf tea types and caffeine levels.

Because the monthly teas boxes are sent out on the 15th of each month, any purchases after this date will receive NEXT month’s box. And the second box will then be sent the following month to adhere to the regular shipping schedule.

Product Features

  • 3 MONTHS OF TEA: Prepay now for 3 delicious months of carefully curated assorted loose leaf tea samples! Each month of the 3 months you will receive 5 individual loose leaf tea samples featuring a wide range of flavors!
  • ASSORTED TEAS: This subscription box of loose leaf teas includes a wide variety of flavors! Being the Discovery Club, this tea subscription box includes flavored green teas, black teas, decaf herbal teas and more! This wide variety makes it perfect for both tea beginners and tea lovers!
  • EASY TO USE: In the first month box, you will receive a Reusable Silicone Tea Bag Infuser that will making brewing a cup of loose leaf tea a breeze. Each month also includes a tea informative postcard and each tea sample is labeled with its specific steeping instructions.
  • TEA AMOUNTS: Each month you will receive 5 tea selections which make 24-36 cups of tea. So, in with just 1 subscription box you can make 24-36 cups of tea!
  • GREAT AS A GIFT: You have found the perfect tea gift with our 3 month Discovery Club subscription box! Prepay now and allow a friend/loved one to enjoy 3 months of delicious teas!

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