New Favorite of Barista – Adolph Pour Over Coffee Kettle Premium Quality Stainless Steel Hand Drip Kettle with Authentic Leather Wrapped, Gooseneck, 500 ml (Black)

With its copper construction and handle-less design, you grip it by the tanned harness leather insulator rather than an external handle, giving you better control over the pour. The lid has a recessed port for a thermometer (not included) should you need one.

Product Features

  • Handmade from full grain leather, keeps coffee warm & protects hands from burn. Reduce waste with reusable leather sleeve.
  • Handle-less Grip increases control of direction, rate and volume of pour.
  • Reduced Diameter Gooseneck limits flow rate. Easily pour from a single drop to 1200ml/min.
  • Exact Volume ensures consistent water dose with every brew, eliminating the need for scales when brewing.
  • Recessed Lid with Concrete Handle slim, solid and low profile, the lid features laser cut copper and cast concrete for a clean and classic look.

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