New 500ml Heat Resistant Glass Flower Tea Kettle Coffee Teapots Convenient Office Chinese Teaset with Filter (500ML)

Size:about Height:12 – 14cm ,width: 7-12.5cm
Package include: teapot x1

1.easy removable and clean it; and modern design;
3.products using edible materials, non-adulterated;
4.super filter, tea will more mellowness; to control the concentration of tea, the teapot can be used for identification;
6.easy to use
7.can be brewed tea, green tea, black tea, scented tea, coffee and variety of tea bags;
8.Use the environment: home, office, traveling, restaurants, clubs and so on.

1.the inside cup use PS material , it is heat-resistant, non-toxic,no easy to break.
2.the outside cup use food-grade glass
3.the filter use SUS304 # 80 food-grade stainless steel.

Product Features

  • teapots
  • Flower Puer kettle Coffee Teapot
  • Kung Fu Tea
  • Dishware
  • Coffee Servers

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