Morphy Richards 162005 Digital Filter Coffee Maker – Red

There’s nothing quite like a fresh coffee to kick start your day or to enjoy after a relaxing meal. This Accent Red Filter Coffee Maker has a 12 cup capacity and programmable timer so you can always wake up to fresh coffee.

Product Features

  • Programmable timer that allows you to wake up to a fresh coffee
  • The fast brew function allows you to make 12 cups of coffee in 10 minutes so that you can enjoy it with your friends and family
  • The hotplate allows you to and keep your coffee warm at a constant temperature. In line with European legislation the machine goes into standby mode after 30 mins
  • The permanent filter it is easy to clean and there will be no need to buy expensive replacement filters
  • The anti drip device prevents any drips, mess or stanied worktop surfaces

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2 Responses to Morphy Richards 162005 Digital Filter Coffee Maker – Red

  1. Mark Syder says:

    An Excellent Coffee Maker This is an attractive looking machine that (more importantly) makes very good coffee. Morphy Richards may not be a name that you immediately associate with coffee makers, but this is at least as good as my old De Longhi machine.Two hints:1. The markings on the water tank do not correspond precisely to those on the jug. If you fill the water tank to 6 the coffee will only reach the marker for 5 on the jug. I have learned to put in more water than I should need, but I…

  2. Mr. T. Saxty says:

    he is the best alarm clock you will ever have May I introduce to you, Mr Richards! We have one of these lovely machines in our home and he is part of the family! he is the best alarm clock you will ever have. you can add your coffee the night before (and water), set the time you want him to make you coffee and for the added touch, use the aroma setting! this makes the coffee a little slower to allow a deeper brew and you really notice the difference! We use a local Coffee producer (not sure if I can mention them or not?) but waking to the…

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