Morphy Richards 120009 Brita Filter Electric Jug Kettle, 3000 W

Product Features

  • Illuminated water gauge so you can easily view the 1.5L capacity which serves up to 6 cups
  • 360 degree cordless base for left and right handed use
  • BRITA Maxtra+ Technology Filter
  • Pull up lid for easy fill
  • Brita Memo

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3 Responses to Morphy Richards 120009 Brita Filter Electric Jug Kettle, 3000 W

  1. ZBX says:

    Good all round, slightly flimsy lid EDIT (May 2017) – after one year of use the plastic flip lid broke. The design of the lid is the only flaw of what is otherwise a great kettle. The heat causes the lid mechanism to expand, thus jamming the lid in place. So you have to use your nails or knife to prise the lid open when refilling, the button alone wont work. However Morphy Richards have a two…

  2. Chocolate fish says:

    Poor design and faulty Bought to replace my previous Morphy-Richards Brita Filter kettle which I had been happily using for the past seven years. Unfortunately this new model is inferior. The filter section is too small and if you accidentally fill it above the max line (which is easy to do) then the water bypasses the filter and gets into the boiling chamber. The spout is poorly designed so that water splashed everywhere and seemed to be coming out of the lid as well as the spout.Finally, my kettle broke…

  3. Tino Shuga says:

    A really tasty scum free cuppa! This does exactly what it says it does! We live in a very hard water area and, having recently moved from the exact opposite, I found it difficult to enjoy a cup of tea with the hard water scum on the top and the residue left on the sides of the mug. Also I was not drinking to the bottom of the cup as sometimes there would be flakes of calcium lurking at the bottom – no matter how often I cleaned the kettle. Not nice.But now………….. A really tasty scum free cup of tea that I can…

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