Meelio Coffee Pot,1 Liter Gooseneck Drip Cafe Kettle,18/8 Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Pot,Works on Regular and Induction Stoves with Easy Grip Handle and Gooseneck Spout

Enjoy a more delicious cup of coffee or tea with the best pour over coffee kettle for homemade brewing.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect pour over kettle for your home, look no further than the elegant, stainless steel design from Meelio. Featuring a beautiful gooseneck spout and angled, ergonomic handle, the Meelio allows you pour hot water more safely and efficiently so you can create more delicious cups of your favorite coffee blends or tea flavors.


You don’t need to be a barista to enjoy making a delicious, hot cup of coffee or tea, nor do you need a fancy coffee machine with all the bells and whistles. Our kettle is for coffee enthusiasts who believe that the all you need for the perfect cup of joe or earl grey tea is a long, slow pour over freshly ground coffee or tea bags. And with a sturdy, BPA-free handle, a gooseneck spout, and an attractive design, you’re sure to enjoy both the taste of your drinks and the way it looks in your kitchen.

Product Details:

· Stainless Steel Body
· Ergonomic, Heat-Resistant Plastic Handle
· Gooseneck Spout for Flow Control (1.0 L Kettle)
· Heats Up Quickly
· Safe for Gas, IH or Electric Stove Tops
· Dishwasher Safe

Product Features

  • 【Gooseneck Design:】Goose neck kettle that really lets you control the flow of water to ground coffee. The spout is very ‘accurate’ and allows you to precisely control the flow of water out of the kettle. Perfect for pour-overs.
  • 【Ergonomics】:The thin-spout design and Ergonomic handle ergonomics of the kettle’s design allow for a very slow and controlled flow rate, crucial to brewing with the Wave
  • 【Hight Stainless Steel 18/8 Material】 :The Meelio Gooseneck coffee Kettle is made of stainless steel 18/8 with passed FDA certification ,and fully surgical-graded stainless-steel interior and outside , which gives it a brilliant, durable, rust-resistant finish that is easy to maintain, and will last a lifetime .
  • 【Ebony An anti-scald lid 】The knob is made of scald-proof hard wood with primary color,that is ebony,which will make youhave a smooth feeling when using it and a cap with a steam vent, to make sure that the water will not overflow
  • 【Enjoy Coffee time】:Easy to make hand drip coffee because water pressure is constant by virtue of thin and long spout.”

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