Meelio 1.2 Liter Stainless Steel Gooseneck Kettle with Built-in Thermometer,Gooseneck Pour Over Coffee Pot for Hand Drip Coffee

How do you measure the temperature of boiling water when you brew coffee?
The Meelio Coffee Drip Pour Over Kettle offers several improvements over their

original designs.The built in thermometer makes it easy to get the perfect temperature every time!
The stainless steel kettle features an improved, thinner spout which allows for exquisite control over the flow of water. You’ll enjoy the control it affords as you release the water drop-by-drop directly beneath the spout.
Everyday kettles are the enemy of drip/pour over coffee. Water cannot be poured smoothly, it will splash and pour quickly – water does not have time to absorb the subtle flavors of your coffee grind. This kettle’s gooseneck design gives a smooth and even pour for a coffee that is guaranteed to improve your day. ?

Expertly crafted tip for the ultimate pour over experience
Superior control
Minimal design, sole purpose to pour the coffee

Weight: 375g
Materials :18-8 stainless steel material,
Accepted under direct heat, stove top

• Do not open the lid while boiling
• Fill the water under max level to avoid the overflow

Product Features

  • 【Precision Self-Control:】 The Meelio Gooseneck Spout kettle is equipped with Built-in Thermometer that gives you complete control over the speed, quantity and temperature of water you pour from the kettle and at the same time your coffee or tea flavour also remains intact.
  • 【Hight-Quality Material:】This kettle made out of 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel (FDA Certification; BPA free and Eco-friendly, which ensures its durability, which gives it a brilliant, durable, rust-resistant finish that is easy to maintain, and will last a lifetime.
  • 【SAFETY FIRST:】 Safety is considered as the top concern when you handle the kettle. It comes with Heat Resistant Ergonomic Angled Bakelite handle making it safer to handle the kettle and you are fully protected from any burns etc.
  • 【Perfect Flow Rate】Flow Rate – Decen’s Pour Over Kettle is unique because the long neck of gooseneck design gives you a slow, controlled and precise flow of water that is optimal for extracting the most flavor when you brew coffee or tea using the pour over method.
  • 【An anti-scald lid 】:An anti-scald lid and a cap with a steam vent, to make sure that the water will not overflow

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