Master Class Heavy Duty Induction-Safe Stovetop Kettle, 2 Litres (3.5 Pints) – Stainless Steel

Traditionally styled, this stovetop kettle has an easy to hold, stay-cool handle and knob, so you’ll always have a firm and comfortable grasp. The encapsulated base guarantees even heat distribution and there are clear ‘max fill’ markers inside.Suitable for induction hobs.2 litre.

2 litre.

Product Features

  • Sturdy stovetop 2-litre kettle in the classic farmhouse style. Rustic looks meet modern technology!
  • Compatible with all hobs, including induction, AGA and camping stoves
  • Aluminium anti-warp base and tight-fitting lid for quicker heat distribution. No waiting around!
  • Features clear capacity markings and stay-cool handle for safety and ease of use
  • Dishwasher safe – 15 year guarantee

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3 Responses to Master Class Heavy Duty Induction-Safe Stovetop Kettle, 2 Litres (3.5 Pints) – Stainless Steel

  1. B Terranova says:

    Good Old-Fashioned Hob Kettle I’d been thinking of getting one of these for some time in order to cut electricity bills, whilst friends said it was swings and roundabouts. Thing is: in winter I have to turn my gas hobs on in the morning and evening anyway as the kitchen is so cold, so why not use one to boil a large amount of water, and keep it simmering on a low gas throughout the normal time the hob is alight? It’s working out well and I’m very pleased with the kettle. Reminds me of my childhood. The stainless steel…

  2. Zutka says:

    slow but sure When my electric kettle broke (as they all seem to after 2-3 years) I went looking for a simple one: just a steel body with a traditional element. Couldn’t find one. Now, it’s all gimmicky blue lights, windows, flimsy plastic bases and loads of plastic filters adding their carcinogens to the water. I wanted a kettle that would last.This one is built like a tank. Yes, it takes some time to boil water, but if you only boil as much as you need, the time can be reduced. Best of all,…

  3. P. Hopwood says:


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