Makita DCM500Z 18v Cordless and Mains Coffee Maker Naked

Details Coffee maker that can be run from Makita 18v Li-ion Slide on Batteries or Mains power Boil dry protection: The machine automatically shuts off when the temperature increases to 90° with no water in the tank to prevent burning out.Simply put ground coffee powder into the filter in the machine. (Paper filter is not required). AC/DC compatible; AC power allows you to use as much power as you like. DC power from battery allows for use away from AC outlet at jobsite 60cm AC power supply cord. Detachable battery holder with 30cm connecting cord . Supplied With mains cable and plug, 18v battery adaptor, washable filter Features Battery Type: Li-ion Battery Power: 18v Input wattage: 500w Tank Capacity: 250ml Brew Capacity per Charge: 300ml (3.0Ah; 400ml (4.0Ah) Brew time (250ml cup) on Battery: 7 min Brew time (250ml cup) mains power: 3 min Net weight: 1.7Kg Naked

Product Features

  • Coffee Maker Cordless

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3 Responses to Makita DCM500Z 18v Cordless and Mains Coffee Maker Naked

  1. pigshead says:

    Five Stars I use this more than I should…at home. It takes a while if you using a battery but it makes a good cup of coffee. Also good for hot water in a bind. The only snag is that the coffee grounds get stuck up in I guess the vent holes above the grounds if you forget about it you get periodical dump of grounds in the cup. Just wait for it to dry and brush off it’s no biggie. I think this issue is only for main power as on battery the water comes out much slower so the grounds stay in the…

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