Le Creuset Kone Kettle with Whistle, 1.6 L – Almond

Product Features

  • Holds 1.6 litres
  • Fixed whistle, stainless steel ring around spout
  • Suitable for use on all heat sources
  • Easy to clean exterior
  • Enamelled steel stove top whistling kettle with stay-cool phenolic folding handle

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2 Responses to Le Creuset Kone Kettle with Whistle, 1.6 L – Almond

  1. mairead m says:

    The best kettle I have ever had After previously viewing some reviews on this kettle I was a bit hesitant to buy it but I am so pleased I ignored some of the negative remarks. If you use the kettle as directed in the instructions, empty it of unused water and fill it to the indicated level then you will have no trouble what so ever.The comments about the whistle not being loud enough! I can hear the kettle at the bottom of my garden.I would encourage people to buy this item and follow the instructions…

  2. Alison says:

    It looks very nice in my traditional kitchen

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