Kitchen Craft Le’Xpress Gas Reducer Ring

Kitchen Craft Gas Reducer Ring, Carded

Handy disc that sits securely on stove tops to support small based items such as small pots, coffee pots and espresso makers when boiling.

Handwash only.


Product Features

  • Gas reducing ring in a handy disc size
  • Sits securely on stove tops to support pans/coffee makers
  • Suitable when heating small pots and stove tops espresso coffee makers
  • 12 cm/4.5 inch
  • 12 month guarantee

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3 Responses to Kitchen Craft Le’Xpress Gas Reducer Ring

  1. sand says:

    Gas reducer ring

  2. Naz says:

    Gas Reducer Ring

  3. M. Harrison says:

    Cheaper than a new house Imagine the scene if you will. It is the first morning in your new house. The sun streams through the curtainless windows. You pick your way among the packing cases to retrieve the stove-top coffee maker, grinder and coffee beans you have wisely kept out of the hands of the removal men.You take extra care in the preparation of your first coffee in your new home: this is both a significant ritual in taking true ownership, and an urgently required stimulant. You turn to place the…

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