Hwagui-Cast Iron Teapot with Infuser for Loose Tea Gloden Stove Kettle with Fully Enameled Interior for Health 800ml/25oz

About us
Hwagui teapot is one of the biggest suppliers of the teapot, the teapots in Amazon store include cast iron teapot and glass teapot.
All the teapot are handmade by craftsman. These practical, durable brewing teapots help to spread out heat very evenly throughout the whole vessel, enabling the user to brew high-quality, great tasting tea.

About the teapot
The teapot is made of robust cast iron which makes it extremely stable and gives it a long durability. The traditional use of cast iron ensures a excellent thermal storage and keeps the tea warm for a long time.

Tea connoisseurs always possess at least one teapot, as it is considered a classic utensil used in brewing the most delicate and expensive tea leaves. However, these teapots are also used heavily in the kitchens of ordinary consumers who like the simplicity and ease of maintenance of these vessels.

Product advantages
-Teapot made of real cast iron
– aesthetic design
– traditional japanese form and design
– excellent thermal storage
– even heat distribution
– long durability
– with practical handle
– stainless steel infuser

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Product Features

  • Cast Iron Brewing – Cast iron is beneficial due to the way it Evenly Absorbs Heat. The Gradual and Even Heating from the cast iron Infuses the greatest amount of Flavor from the tea leaves into the water. This strengthens the flavor of the tea, and any Positive Nutrients the leaves contain are also infused into the water. Cast iron also Retains Heat much better than any other material.
  • Masterful Design – Our cast iron teapot features a High Temperature Oxidation cast iron interior that not only makes Cleaning Easier, but helps to Prevent the build-up of Rust and Oxidation. It includes a Stainless Steel Infuser for loose or bagged tea that ensures it will Not Alter or Detract from the Taste of your brew.
  • Beautiful Aesthetic – Professionally crafted with a gorgeous Fish Scales pattern, Hwagui’s cast iron teapot is as much Decoration, Centerpiece and Conversation Starter as it is a Superior brewing device.
  • Use and Care – To use, add loose or bagged tea into the infuser and insert it into the teapot. Slowly pour hot water over the tea and allow it to steep to 3-5 Minutes, and Enjoy. To clean, Do Not Use Any Dish Washing Detergent. Instead, use only clean water. Do Not Leave Tea or Water in the pot for Longer than an hour, and Dry Thoroughly after each use. Not Dishwasher Safe.
  • Gift – Great Gift for dad, friends, family, wedding and tea lovers. Exquisite design perfect for tea lovers.

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