Homecraft Universal Kettle Tipper

Universal Kettle Tipper

This new and innovative kettle tipper is designed to be compatible with most kettle types including standard, jug and cordless kettles. The tipper has a lever at either side that can be used to tip the kettle while it is held in place, without the user having to actually lift the water. This reduces the effort required and potential strain on the wrist that can occur when holding the kettle handle. For added safety the kettle will rock back into the upright position if the user lets go during use. The base plate is 200mm in diameter and has a sliding stop at the front so that the kettle can be positioned in the most suitable position. It is then secured in place by the two sturdy straps. The tipper is manufactured from attractive heat resistant plastic for durability and has rubber feet to prevent sliding on the work surface.

Product Features

  • Kettle tipper
  • Reduces the effort required and potential wrist strain that can occur when lifting a full kettle
  • Compatible with most kettle types, include standard, jug and cordless kettles
  • Gently rocks back to upright position if user lets go during use
  • Made from attractive white, heat resistant plastic

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2 Responses to Homecraft Universal Kettle Tipper

  1. Sarah says:

    Marvellous gadget for those who cannot lift a kettle. I bought this kettle tipper for my Mum, who has Parkinson’s disease, as I was afraid she would burn herself lifting a kettle of boiled water. What a marvellous gadget! It is a little large, it has to be, to enable most kettles to safely sit in it, but my Mum is happily making tea for everyone now! It arrived needing little construction, which is good, as we are not good at jigsaw puzzles. It is adjustable, another good point. Oh, I could sing this gadget’s praises for so long. It is really…

  2. Hemel Girl says:

    Okay but with reservations Purchased for a project enabling adults with a learning disability to live independently. Description says for “corded” kettle. The only corded kettle I could find was slightly oval in shape and did not fit, needed to be round. However the picture on the box showed a “cordless” kettle. Bought a round based one of those and it fitted. It was a bit difficult and fiddly to secure the straps but we got there in the end. My biggest concern is the positioning of the cup, if not…

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